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Abstract Reflections

This morning I’d put the television on mute as I worked on a paper.  When I finished the paper, I looked up and saw Michele Bachmann being interviewed by Bob Schieffer on CBS’s Face the Nation.  I turned the television off and prepared to walk away.  Then I stopped, sighed and turned the television back on.  I decided I should “walk my talk.”

You see,  I often tell younger friends of mine, especially young relatives, no matter what your political stance, first, be sure you vote, and second, vote responsibly – be informed.  So today, I decided to better inform myself about this candidate instead of only listening to heresay.  Well, without getting too personal, I’ll share a few things that stood out to me.

First, it will be a sad day in journalism when Bob Schieffer is no longer behind the desk.  In clear, concise, respectful language, he asked questions that showed without a doubt that he had done his homework and that he was prepared to ask the hard questions.  He was not to be distracted.

Second, it was sad to see once more that no matter how direct the question, even if repeated, candidates are well-trained in delivering non-answers.  I took public speaking.  It is amazing to see the tools being put to work so well by Ms. Bachmann (and all the other candidates).

Finally …

It may be my imagination but it seems that candidates, male and female, of any party, are so gloriously put together these days that they remind me of watching Entertainment Tonight or any of a half-dozen reality TV shows.  As I watch Bachmann, Perry and all the others on television, I just wonder if people are actually listening to candidates’ words or dazzled by their appearance.  It might make an interesting challenge as candidates share their thoughts on screen, to keep the sound up, but somehow “mute” the image.



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