I am not lost

Increasingly, as one watches or reads the news, it becomes clear that individual as well as collective action will be necessary to help people survive this looming long winter. These scarves were tied around the trees in Copley Square today. You can read more about the people behind this particular grassroots program to help people stay warm here: http://www.chasethechill.com/

branches outside my window

The oak tree has nearly lost all its leaves. Light now fills formerly dark spaces expanding the area for my indoor winter garden.🙂

branches at belle isle

three opportunities

That’s right. There’s at least three opportunities to purchase my work and get a great deal. Blurb where I produce my photography books currently has a 50% off sell. Coupon code is BEST50. In my shop you’ll find a range of books including a new compilation of images from a field in Woburn, MA.

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In my Zazzle shop you’ll find a mix of merchandise for the holiday season and well beyond.

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Details from John La Farge’s Presentation of the Virgin

And if you prefer to step away from the computer and like to browse the shelves in person, then I invite you to visit the gift shop at Trinity Church where you’ll find some new postcards as well as classic images, and a lovely selection of music, inspiration books and other merchandise. Located at 206 Clarendon St., entrance is across from the Boston Public Library. Enjoy!

the christmas cactus


As I plantsit a friend’s cactus, it is providing lots of wonderful photographic opportunity. Enjoy, and wherever you are in the world, have a good day.🙂

heron’s feet

I did indeed photograph the whole bird as it stood on a log in the Mystic River. I was hoping it might take flight but it didn’t and so I began to focus on the one thing moving — the water rippling as it flowed over the heron’s feet.

the last few leaves