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The icy patterns that form on the inside of the windows in the old house where I live. The first time this season. Now it feels like¬†winter. ūüôā


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I asked a certain physicist to help me understand what happened in the sky near sunset in Copley Square. We discussed the interplay of light and shadow. How the sun below the horizon was illuminating the clouds from below. How the sharp line in the sky might result from shadows cast by something on the horizon. Then of course there were the clouds at different altitudes. Shorter wavelength blue light scattered out. Longer wavelength red light left behind. In the end all we could agree upon was that it was beautiful.

The sun set today in Boston at 4:27 pm.

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Bright afternoon light on the Charles River.

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One day I went wandering by the river because I felt a little lost. I thought I might find focus on the leaves fallen in the water but the sun was at such an angle that I could not get the right shot.  I kept wandering by the river, in hope, still focusing my camera on the leaves.

A leaf or two I did find but they were not exactly what I sought and so I continued my journey by the river, in hope, seeking something, though I knew not exactly what.

I grew cold and frustrated. There I stood on the banks¬†of the Charles River¬†knowing I had to give up. ¬†As I paused, undecided of my direction, my eyes rested on the waters — you see, the sun was so low it was hard for me to look up.

Waters lapped upon the shore, cascaded over the rocks and swirled small broken branches about. A lovely sight especially when I realized in the water the blinding light was subdued. It was a delight.

No doubt there was beauty behind me and there would be beauty before me but on this particular journey I found the beauty right in front of me. And that’s what I chose to photograph.

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… light, wind, and water in action at the Copley Square fountain in Boston. It was a breezy day with bright sun. I sat by the water’s edge with my camera tucked away, intent upon eating a late lunch. I’m glad I had no expectation because I may not have seen what I did see just by sitting quietly by the water. After a while I could not ignore what I was seeing and so I had to put away my lunch, dig out my camera, and begin to photograph the motion before me.

Autumn leaves floating on the water’s surface first caught my attention, but the brightest of the leaves lay on the bottom.¬† I’m not sure what forces kept them there even as the fountain’s mechanics and nature’s wind erratically churned the water. The sun was bright too, low angled. It dispersed in the waters producing rainbows.

Nearby buildings and surrounding trees were reflected so they appeared to float above the sunken leaves. A friend came over and sat next to me, and while I listened intently, yes I did, my eyes kept sliding back to the water to see what a friend describes as the accidental and casual things water does to light.

Accept for playing around with my ISO settings on the spot, there is minimal post processing of these images. If you chance by the fountain and sit by its side, if the day is sunny and the wind is rippling the water’s surface, this is what you might see too. Or maybe something different. But I think it will all be beautiful.


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