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One of my favorite New Yorker covers to date, and an uplifting sight to pull from my mailbox at the end of the day. The artist is Kadir Nelson and you can read more about him, and the story behind the painting, on his website: http://www.kadirnelson.com/about

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It was a rainy day which was okay because I think we need the rain. So I stayed inside dealing with necessary paperwork and wonderfully unnecessary research and in between I continued to play around with online tools like GIMP. I’m notorious for asking friends, especially when they’re grumpy, what brought you joy today? Several things brought me joy today, including dabbling in virtual paint to produce these patterns.  I hope you had a good day.


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detail from isle of prospero by langosy

detail from isle of prospero by langosy

Editorial note: Throughout this unique sharing of his life as an artist, Mr. Langosy has focused on the influence of poets like Ezra Pound, painters like Titian, and underscoring everything, the influence of his muse, Elizabeth. In the following pages, he describes and depicts the influence of Shakespeare. But in the 1990s something else also affected his artistic journey.

“… my mobility inexplicably became impaired. As I gradually lost the ability to walk and became increasingly fatigued, I was no longer able to pursue connections in the art world or mount exhibits as I had in the past. I was told that my disability had psychiatric origins and that I would walk again when I was ready to do so. Over time, my paintings became as small as my housebound universe, sometimes shrinking to the size of a postage stamp. In October 2003, I collapsed and was taken to a hospital, where I was finally diagnosed with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. Once I knew that I wasn’t crazy after all and began targeted treatments … I am convinced that a huge factor in my remission was my decision to not allow MS to enter my studio.”

And now …

View preceding episodes in The Story of My Art: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

View four decades of his work at http://www.donald.langosy.net/

See what’s current, as well as wonderful old photos of the artist at work, via Langosy’s Facebook page.

His contact: Zoe Langosy at zlangosy@me.com.



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pea tendrils

My indoor garden is in a bit of disarray. The nasturtium grew poorly in terms of foliage but continues to find strength to bloom. I’ve got peas in three little pots, their tendrils reaching for the sun. I need to decide soon if I will snip their tender tops to eat (the original intention) or let them grow tall and strong and possibly produce pods!

radish, nasturtium, and red kale greens

radish, nasturtium, and red kale greens

The radish are doing well … but I planted too many seeds and so now I have radish greens growing everywhere. Some of those little pots are designated as future salad greens, but I did find a few strong plants to put in one bigger pot. We’ll see if I can actually grow radishes indoors.  I was very successful growing potatoes indoors. They were marble-sized but that doesn’t really matter. 😉


The herbs are so far doing well. I’m looking forward to the chef in my life roasting some baby potatoes on a bed of sage and maybe doing something with grilled cheese and fresh basil.

As wonderfully disorganized as everything is … I’ve got tarragon growing in a bathroom and rosemary in a bedroom … I cannot help but find joy in this garden and in the knowledge that the growing season has only just begun.

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Art by Maya

Art by Maya

Can you guess which one is me? A lovely gift from a young friend. A drawing of us out and about in the sun. She’s part of my informal Kids Postcard Club. My next step is to turn her artwork into a postcard and give her a few, along with postcard stamps, so she can share her work with friends and family near and far. We’ll see … 😉

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… books by Bruno Munari on drawing trees and drawing the sun. Online descriptions suggest they were written for children but I think what is meant is children of all ages.  Unexpected finds as I walked through the library. Thank goodness I have a big backpack.

More information about Bruno Munari

Brainpickings on Munari: https://www.brainpickings.org/2012/11/22/bruno-munari-design-as-art/

drawing a tree:  http://www.artbook.com/8887942765.html

drawing the sun: http://www.artbook.com/8887942773.html

Wikipedia on Munari: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruno_Munari

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I have to admit that when I clicked the box to request the book, I wasn’t really paying attention.  I thought I’d selected Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.  But I hadn’t.  I’d selected the complementary lined journal.  I thought, “Well, heck.” I flipped through the compact little book, a mostly traditional lined journal denoting month and day but no actual year.  On the top right corner of the right pages, every now and then would flash the question, “Does it spark joy?” Then every once in a while would pop up turquoise pages with white print.  I liked Joy manifests itself in the body and Make your life shine.  Not all of the statements resonated with me but they were all thought-provoking.  They made me pause and ponder.  And I think it is that behavior– of pausing — that is part of the life-changing magic.

Even after I put the book aside, unsure of what to do with it, and even as I went about my life, I found myself asking the question at the wierdest moments, “Hmmm, does this spark joy in my life?”  I have asked similar questions of other people for much of my adult life, but it is not often that I ask it of myself.  That’s the beauty of the little book for me.

While I apply that question, Does it spark joy?, to all sorts of activities, I think the origin of Ms. Kondo’s query had to do with helping people literally organize their lives.  To declutter. I don’t have a problem with clutter but I think we can all be reminded to pause and reflect upon what is bringing us joy in this world.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this honest review.

More information …



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