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It’s fun (and occasionally frustrating) figuring out  as a photographer and as a gardener how to work with light. Given the state of the yard in the new place I don’t expect an outdoor garden to come into being anytime soon but I’ve been hell-bent on creating a new lush indoor herb garden. Okay, doesn’t have to be lush … just healthy and useful.


I’m trying to experiment with a few new items especially edible flowers but for the most part it is the canonical basil, oregano, marjoram, tarragon, and rosemary. Last night I took a certain chef on a tour of the evolving herb garden. He asked what was he cooking for dinner and I said, “Hmmm. Chicken with herbs, garlic and lemon.” He harvested what he needed. As he walked away with a handful of green he turned back to say, “Do you think you can plant more tarragon? I love working with tarragon.” Not a problem.




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A new space with new angles of light presenting new opportunities for indoor gardening.






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I could do a 360 view of the kitchen, aka indoor garden, aka workspace for two adults, but then you’d see the overflowing recycling, the dirty dishes, and the double column list on the refrigerator of household chores to take care of … chores that despite staying at home we still haven’t completed. Yet somehow I manage to make it to the grocery store and each time return with more flowers. Hmmmm … priorities! 🙂

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A bouquet from the local grocery store.

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… eggs, as many a person has heard. I accidentally hoarded eggs. Thank goodness Steve makes a great omelette.

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Lemon thyme to add to my indoor garden.

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