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A pretty perennial. That’s all I know. It is flowering next to the fence line and so every now and then I pick a stem and place in a vase in the kitchen.

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It’s fun (and occasionally frustrating) figuring out  as a photographer and as a gardener how to work with light. Given the state of the yard in the new place I don’t expect an outdoor garden to come into being anytime soon but I’ve been hell-bent on creating a new lush indoor herb garden. Okay, doesn’t have to be lush … just healthy and useful.


I’m trying to experiment with a few new items especially edible flowers but for the most part it is the canonical basil, oregano, marjoram, tarragon, and rosemary. Last night I took a certain chef on a tour of the evolving herb garden. He asked what was he cooking for dinner and I said, “Hmmm. Chicken with herbs, garlic and lemon.” He harvested what he needed. As he walked away with a handful of green he turned back to say, “Do you think you can plant more tarragon? I love working with tarragon.” Not a problem.




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I foresee a certain person fishing off this pier in the near future. We actually passed a man and his son who said they sometimes catch stripers.



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Settling into a new home. One corner at a time.

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For years I’ve been lucky enough to live in a Victorian house that has a window with old glass producing a rippled view if you stand in just the right place. I’ve watched the seasons change through this window. This is Spring … or at least Spring in my neighborhood … lots of branches with buds waiting to open. Today’s downpour is probably something the trees and shrubs need though I would have preferred a bit more sunshine. I’ll keep my camera handy for when the blooms burst forth.


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