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… they are Edward Burne-Jones angels.  Eighteen of them in a series of windows that are often referred to as the Christmas Windows, located inside Trinity Church in the City of Boston.  As I’ve written about before on this blog, these windows depict The Journey into Egypt, Worship of the Magi, and Wonder of the Shepherds.  The windows were designed by Burne-Jones and executed by William Morris in 1882.

Photographing these angels is very much a work in progress.  I’ve only captured eight so far and not all to my satisfaction.  British historian Fiona McCarthy once wrote what would Christmas be without a Burne-Jones angel.

Maybe that is the goal I can set for myself.  Before Christmas to have photographed all eighteen angels.  Wouldn’t that be something? We’ll see.  You know I’ll share if I succeed. 😉

Meanwhile, learn more about visiting Trinity Church and seeing the angels for yourself via this link: http://trinitychurchboston.org/art-history/tours

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A few Christmas and holiday postcards and notecards available here and here and here.  You’ll notice a few colorful stamps as well. Enjoy. 😉


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After eating all of that bread mentioned in the previous post, let alone all of the other holiday goodies, a walk was necessary.  We chose a favorite spot, Revere Beach.  No snow upon the ground, but it was cold as evidenced by the water frozen in shells upon the shore.  A bright sun illuminated everything even if it did not warm.

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