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ice resting on the waters of the mystic river

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peacock feathers, perhaps?


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One day I’ll try to learn more about the science behind these indoor ice formations. But for now I’ll just try to capture the images.

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… staring down into icy waters.


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The icy patterns that form on the inside of the windows in the old house where I live. The first time this season. Now it feels like winter. 🙂


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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and just best wishes to all. 🙂

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the point of it all

an icicle with the setting sun behind

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At night, in the winter times, ice forms on the interior of the windows where I live, depending on location of the window, thickness of the glass and so on. By morning, between the household heat cycling on and the heat of the rising sun, the ice melts quickly and forms these interesting patterns. I have learned to grab my camera and walk briskly from window to window knowing I have only a few moments to “see” something before the waters dissipate.  This morning in one room …

I saw the silhouette of water drops on the sheer white curtain.

And then I pulled aside the curtain to see the drops themselves and also saw the reflection of the curtain in the glass.  In the hallway there was a tree …

at least that’s how I thought of it because the pattern reminded me of this tree I’d seen recently in Harvard Square.

And in the kitchen …

quite the landscape there had formed on the glass.

But now the temperatures have risen and all this beauty is now gone, at least until tomorrow.

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