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Holy Family Sculpture by Steve Rose of Boston Ice Effects

It was cold in Copley Square yesterday but well worth the layering, hand warmers jammed into pockets, etc to watch the action as this depiction of the Holy Family emerged from blocks of ice. Weather permitting you should be able to view this life-sized outdoor sculpture between 4:30 and 7:30 daily into the New Year. Located on the Boylston Street side of Trinity Church near the statue of Phillips Brooks.

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It has become an ongoing project to capture the angels amidst the green vines of the Edward Burne-Jones & William Morris windows at Trinity Church in the City of Boston. I’ve fallen a bit behind but now I’m back at it!



See for yourself at Trinity Church: http://trinitychurchboston.org/visit/tours

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I have read too many headlines this morning. My head is full of thoughts. I think I shall take a break from the computer screen until I can sort them. Meanwhile, I share these last images from my recent visit to the Boston Public Library’s Abbey Room and painter Edwin Austin Abbey’s expression of Tennyson’s Idylls of the King.


Panel XIII. Sir Galahad crosses the sea in Solomon’s Ship

As for what’s happening in this scene, from the BPL website: “Sir Galahad crosses the seas to Sarras in Solomon’s Ship, guided by the Grail borne by an angel. Sir Bors and Sir Percival accompany him, while three spindles for the Tree of Life rest upon the stern of the ship.”



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detail from a brass candlestick

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I will not likely make my goal of photographing by Christmas day all eighteen Burne-Jones angels in the stained glass windows known as the Christmas Windows at Trinity Church in the City of Boston.  The logistics are just not going to work out.  But …

… it has been a delightful exercise.  As I review what I did accomplish, new ideas are forming.

I think I shall consider this attempt a “first draft.” We’ll see what unfolds in the new year. 😉

You can read more about this personal project here: https://wordsandimagesbycynthia.com/2015/11/02/as-for-those-angels/

You can view the gallery of angels here: https://photosbycynthia.smugmug.com/ArchitectureDesign/Burne-Jones-Angels/

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… they are Edward Burne-Jones angels.  Eighteen of them in a series of windows that are often referred to as the Christmas Windows, located inside Trinity Church in the City of Boston.  As I’ve written about before on this blog, these windows depict The Journey into Egypt, Worship of the Magi, and Wonder of the Shepherds.  The windows were designed by Burne-Jones and executed by William Morris in 1882.

Photographing these angels is very much a work in progress.  I’ve only captured eight so far and not all to my satisfaction.  British historian Fiona McCarthy once wrote what would Christmas be without a Burne-Jones angel.

Maybe that is the goal I can set for myself.  Before Christmas to have photographed all eighteen angels.  Wouldn’t that be something? We’ll see.  You know I’ll share if I succeed. 😉

Meanwhile, learn more about visiting Trinity Church and seeing the angels for yourself via this link: http://trinitychurchboston.org/art-history/tours

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All three postcards depict beautiful fine art details found at historic Trinity Church in the City of Boston and are available in the church Book ShopPeace, Be Still is also available online via this link.

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I was racing around the Back Bay of Boston and decided at some point that I needed to rest for a bit and so I stepped inside of the Old South Church at the corner of Boylston and Dartmouth Streets.  There were so many people sitting quietly that I decided that perhaps I should too (especially given the weight of my backpack).  And so I sat and focused my camera mostly on one window.  A large window above the chancel said to illustrate the announcement of the birth of Jesus to the shepherds.  Designed and produced by Clayton & Bell of London and installed in 1875.

Learn more about Old South Church, its history and current activities, via this link.

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It is always a treat to walk through Trinity Church in Boston’s Copley Square and to have the opportunity to photograph the architectural features, especially the stained glass windows.  This particular detail of a gold-winged angel is in the Edward Burne-Jones window, Wonder of the Shepherds (1882).  This image is now available as a postcard in the church Book Shop, located in the building undercroft.  You can read more about Burne-Jones’s adoration of angels in this 2006 article by his biographer, Fiona MacCarthy.  Learn more about the Book Shop here.

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Detail from David's Charge to Solomon Stained Glass Window, Trinity Church in Copley Square

Detail from David’s Charge to Solomon Stained Glass Window, Trinity Church in Copley Square, by Burne-Jones and William Morris

Returning to the Trinity Church Book Shop are items with a detail I photographed from David’s Charge to Solomon, a stained glass window located in the church’s baptistry.  The magnificent window was designed by Pre-Raphaelite artist Edward Burne-Jones and executed by William Morris Studios in 1882.  These “four angels” are located in the upper left corner of the window.  There they look down upon David, near the end of his days, as he instructs his son Solomon in how to move forward in life as a man and as a leader of his people.

Items currently available are magnets, mugs and postcards.  Coming soon are totes and t-shirts.  Visit the Shop to view these and many more lovely and thought provoking spiritual items at 206 Clarendon Street, Boston, in the heart of Copley Square.  Shipping is possible.  For more Book Shop information, click here.  And to see additional details from the window David’s Charge to Solomon, please check out images 25-32 here.  Better yet, if you’re in the area, take one of the excellent guided tours so that you can see the window firsthand. 😉

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