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At some point, I’ll set myself up in Copley Square with a tripod, and photograph the church’s whole West Porch.  At least I will do my best.  Meanwhile, I am having great fun photographing the porch details.

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Like Lucy R. Woods, mentioned in a prior post, Sarah Wyman Whitman (1842-1904) taught Bible class at Trinity Church in Boston for over thirty years.  She was also an accomplished artist working in multiple media, from painting to glasswork to book cover design.

She was friends with Phillips Brooks, the rector of Trinity Church.  Upon his passing, she and her Sunday Bible class gifted the church with a window in his memory.

It was begun in 1895 and installed Easter, March 1896.  In a letter dated March 12, 1896, Whitman writes:

“The little memorial to Mr Brooks which my Bible Class has long dreamed of, is now finished and waiting to be put up at Easter. Someday I will show you this, and meantime send a little rough sketch. The three windows are in the Parish Room where the Class meets, and as it is also used for many practical purposes,

the windows (three giving on the cloister to the south) are kept in clear glass with jewelled flowers at the intersecting of the little frames …and then the middle one with a single device. 

In the glass of course there is a depth and richness that this paper sketch little conveys.”

The window is located in the parish library, and is another hidden gem of an architectural masterpiece.  If you would like to learn more about Sarah Wyman Whitman, there are some great resources available online including her letters.  The Boston Public Library has put together a gallery of her book cover designs.  Learn more about Trinity Church architectural tours here.


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It is always a treat to walk through Trinity Church in Boston’s Copley Square and to have the opportunity to photograph the architectural features, especially the stained glass windows.  This particular detail of a gold-winged angel is in the Edward Burne-Jones window, Wonder of the Shepherds (1882).  This image is now available as a postcard in the church Book Shop, located in the building undercroft.  You can read more about Burne-Jones’s adoration of angels in this 2006 article by his biographer, Fiona MacCarthy.  Learn more about the Book Shop here.

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Photographing the stained glass windows at Trinity Church in Copley Square, Boston is a treat.  The rich colors of the glass.  How the sunlight shining through at different hours can produce a different effect in the same window.  Even in those windows that are clear.  But I often tell people when entering the building, don’t just look up.  Look at the wood.  Check out the door knobs with their intricate details, and be sure to look down.  You never know what lays at your feet …  or under them.

p.s. Self-guided and guided tours are available of this beautiful building.  Learn more about tours here.

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As a child in Virginia I never imagined that I’d spend so much time as an adult in a place like Trinity Church watching sunlight stream through stained glass windows and play upon walls designed and painted by the likes of artist John La Farge.  This is a photograph of one of those murals.  I’m pleased at how it turned out as a postcard.  Soon to be available in the church Book Shop.  There is a wealth of information available in books and online about John La Farge.  I found particularly interesting this article about the rivalry between La Farge and Louis Comfort Tiffany.  Below are a few additional images of the murals.  Just a tease really because no picture can compare to the real thing. 😉

Learn more about the artist John LaFarge, architect Henry Hobson Richardson and much more on the church website.

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That is this lay person’s interpretation of this image of The Transfiguration of Jesus, a stained glass window in Trinity Church in Copley Square.  It is by Henry Holiday of London.  I hope to share more about the whole window and its maker in the coming month, but meanwhile I can share that I’ve been lucky enough to photograph this center part of the window. It will be available as a postcard in the church’s Book Shop in early October.  Have a good day, folks.

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At least it is the pinks and golds that stand out to me on this hot, hot day as I review these images recently taken of the stained glass window, David’s Charge to Solomon.

At some point I hope to direct you to some of the stories and resources that other have shared with me about the window and the fascinating relationship between Burne-Jones and Morris.

Until then, here a few more images of the parts that create the whole.

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