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Last year I had the pleasure of seeing firsthand the interior of Temple Sinai, home to a reform Jewish congregation in Sumter, South Carolina. Construction was completed in 1913 with the installation of a unique series of stained glass windows depicting scenes from the Tanakh. Along the walls, in beautiful drapery glass, you will find the stories of David, Moses, Elijah and more. At the time, the future of the temple was unclear. The congregation had dwindled over time.


But one year later I am happy to share that through the hard work of members of the congregation, and of others, the temple will be preserved as an active place of worship. In addition, in partnership with the Sumter County Museum, a permanent exhibit is being developed onsite to share the Jewish history of Sumter and South Carolina. The past is being preserved even as a new path is being charted for a congregation that may indeed grow. All are welcome! Learn more about the temple, its activities and plans for the exhibit in this FAQ page by Elizabeth Moses, Museum Outreach and Education Coordinator.


You can support the development of the museum exhibit by donation in two ways:

  • Make checks payable to the Sumter County Museum, 122 N. Washington St., P.O. Box 1456, Sumter, SC, 29151, making note that the donation is for the temple museum exhibit, or give online at: www.sumtercountymuseum.org.
  • Make checks payable directly to Temple Sinai, P.O. Box 1763, Sumter, SC, 29151, making note that the donation is for the temple museum exhibit.


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Details from The Baptism, 1877, by Clayton & Bell, the first stained glass window in Trinity Church when it was consecrated in February 1877.





See for yourself- trinitychurchboston.org/visit/tours

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A new silk scarf with the design derived from a single pane of stained glass. A delightful process of staring at an image and trying to imagine what could be and then … seeing what actually comes into being! This scarf, the second in series of limited edition silk scarves, is available exclusively at the Trinity Church gift shop in Copley Square.

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Detail from Purity by John La Farge

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Details from two of the eleven stained glass windows in Temple Sinai in Sumter, SC. Stay tuned for more photos and the history of this beautiful historic structure in the near future.

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detail from stained glass window christ preaching by john la farge (1883)

Christ Preaching is a three story clerestory window located on the west end of Trinity Church in the City of Boston.  Beautiful at any time of day, because of its location, it especially comes to life as the sun begins to set.

Sometimes when tourists enter Trinity the first words they literally ask is, “Are there any Tiffany windows here?” When they learn that the answer is no, they will shrug, albeit politely, and walk away. And I can only shake my head, knowing firsthand what they are walking away from.

Learn more …



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one of two stained glass windows by daniel maher stained glass

one of the two windows depicting, “pentacost,” by daniel maher stained glass

These windows at St. James’s Episcopal Church by local artisans Daniel Maher and Lyn Lovey express a creativity and diversity that is very modern. It is almost startling to look up and see them in the clerestory after viewing older works by Tiffany, Clayton & Bell, Goodhue and others in other parts of the  building. In part that’s because of my own ignorance around stained glass making today and how churches continue to commission their design and installation. Working with glass remains a popular and contemporary art. And in places like St. James, the past and present harmonize quite nicely.

one of a pair of windows designed by lyn hovey stained glass

I’ve lived in Boston for almost twenty years and I can’t even imagine how many times I’ve walked along Massachusetts Ave past this church. When I’ve been tired I’ve stepped into its adjacent garden and sat on the church steps. I’ve always wondered, what was behind the red stone? I’m grateful to the rector, sexton and other staff for allowing me to appease my curiosity and glimpse the beauty inside. Until you can make your visit, below are a few images for you to enjoy. And there’s also a link to a very interesting overview of the windows available online.

Detail from chancel windows …

Detail from one of the choir angel windows …

Detail from the Resurrection window…

Detail from David with Harp …

Detail from Dorcas window …

Detail from Saint Dorothea window …

Detail from the Greenleaf window …

Detail from the Nativity window …


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