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Well, there’s all sorts of things I’d like to cry havoc about today but the words and thoughts aren’t coming together so I’ll simply share a few good things in the works.

a new postcard

In a 2006 article for The Guardian, biographer Fiona MacCarthy writes, “Christmas would not be Christmas without a Burne-Jones angel.” This particular angel is from a group of stained glass windows at Trinity Church commonly referred to as the Christmas windows.  They depict The Journey into Egypt, Worship of the Magi, and Wonder of the Shepherds.  This particular blue-winged angel is from the Wonder of the Shepherds.  Designed by Burne-Jones and executed by William Morris (1882).  Available in August at the Trinity Book Shop.

a new notecard

This Madonna and Child does not appear in Trinity Church.  The image is the center panel of a triptych likely created over 100 years ago for a competition in Florence, Italy.  A set of 5-notecards will be made available at the Trinity Book Shop closer to the holidays.

small prints

A colleague recently said, “You’re always taking pictures of that statue.”  I think there’s always something new to see.  This is St. Francis in the garden on the Clarendon Street side of Trinity Church.  A different angle than the image in the current postcard available in the Shop.  This image is available as a 5×7 print in an 8×10 mat.  I find it serene and hope others will too.

special requests

I’m not on Etsy yet but luckily that hasn’t prevented friends and family from placing special orders.  Through them, I sometimes see my work with new eyes.  Always enjoyable.  I created these notecards for a friend looking for something a little different than traditional Hallmark.

next steps?

Not sure at this very moment, except … to take a deep breath, get up from my desk and go for a brief walk out into the day.  And be sure to bring my camera. 😉

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This scene is a detail from the Edward Burne-Jones and William Morris stained glass window, David’s Charge to Solomon, 1882.  The window, designed by Burne-Jones and executed by Morris, is located in the baptistry of Trinity Church in Copley Square. I was drawn to this particular section because of the colors, the incredible drapery of the cloth, and the faces of the women.

The faces of these women and apparently the faces of many of the women in Burne-Jones’s post-1860’s artwork all have a similar look.  They are likely the face of his great love and muse, Maria Zambaco.  She appears to have been the muse for many of the Pre-Raphaelite artists.  This wikipedia article gives a broad overview of the Burne-Jones/Zambaco relationship, but I must say that this Oxford Today article referencing Fiona MacCarthy gives a much richer picture of a complicated man, his many muses and the influence of his art.

Study by Burne-Jones, c. 1870

Study by Burne-Jones, c. 1870

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