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The exterior of the National Technical Museum is austere but the interior is magical. The exhibits are well curated to appeal to the child of any age and background. There were at least 11 major exhibits, and my favorites were Astronomy and the Measurement of Time. Prague was home to astronomers Tycho Brahe (1546-1601) and Johannes Kepler (1571-1630). The Astronomy exhibit, and the Measurement of Time, with great reverence and artistry, highlight the Czech contribution in these fields. Easy to visit via public transportation. A lovely kid and adult friendly cafe in the basement.









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This is one of the door knobs referred to in the previous post.  Now that I’ve got door knobs on my mind, I’ll have to take my own advice and look more closely at all the other knobs when I am next there. 😉

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Photographing the stained glass windows at Trinity Church in Copley Square, Boston is a treat.  The rich colors of the glass.  How the sunlight shining through at different hours can produce a different effect in the same window.  Even in those windows that are clear.  But I often tell people when entering the building, don’t just look up.  Look at the wood.  Check out the door knobs with their intricate details, and be sure to look down.  You never know what lays at your feet …  or under them.

p.s. Self-guided and guided tours are available of this beautiful building.  Learn more about tours here.

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I must admit when I took these picture of trees aflame in the fall, and of snow mounds after a winter storm, I did not envision their images forming the vibrant patterns of a geisha’s flowing silk robes.  But luckily I know Zoe Langosy, a figurative artist with a unique view of the world.

Zoe grew up in Somerville in an area made notorious in the 1980’s by Whitey Bulger and the Winter Hill Gang. It was in fact that gang’s activities and the negative impacts on Zoe and her sister that convinced her parents to move the family to Lexington.  There, in school as well as in her family’s bohemian household, Zoe’s artistic talents were fostered.  Eventually she traveled the world, living in London and Los Angeles before returning to the Boston area.

Her beautiful melancholic images have been exhibited in galleries in Boston, Los Angeles and London.  She and I became friends while working together in a local shop.  Somerville Open Studios has presented a great opportunity for collaboration that has already sparked conversation about future projects.  Time will tell.  Right now the focus is Open Studios where  Zoe’s contemporary geisha — three of them — will be clothed, and in some cases tattooed, with bits of sunlit leaves, shimmering snow, and rain-kissed flower petals.

View more of Zoe’s work here.

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