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Detail from David's Charge to Solomon Stained Glass Window, Trinity Church in Copley Square

Detail from David’s Charge to Solomon Stained Glass Window, Trinity Church in Copley Square, by Burne-Jones and William Morris

Returning to the Trinity Church Book Shop are items with a detail I photographed from David’s Charge to Solomon, a stained glass window located in the church’s baptistry.  The magnificent window was designed by Pre-Raphaelite artist Edward Burne-Jones and executed by William Morris Studios in 1882.  These “four angels” are located in the upper left corner of the window.  There they look down upon David, near the end of his days, as he instructs his son Solomon in how to move forward in life as a man and as a leader of his people.

Items currently available are magnets, mugs and postcards.  Coming soon are totes and t-shirts.  Visit the Shop to view these and many more lovely and thought provoking spiritual items at 206 Clarendon Street, Boston, in the heart of Copley Square.  Shipping is possible.  For more Book Shop information, click here.  And to see additional details from the window David’s Charge to Solomon, please check out images 25-32 here.  Better yet, if you’re in the area, take one of the excellent guided tours so that you can see the window firsthand. 😉

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