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Outside this window, down below, there is a yard chaotically divided into lots of pocket gardens. There is a trio of pots that still have remnants of basil though I think they will fade to black when the night time temps drop into the 30s this week. There are raised beds bright green with red clover growing and the bright gold flowers of tall stalks of mexican tarragon. I specifically placed pots of orange and burgundy mums in the furthest bed right next to a forest of rosemary. I wanted that burnt beauty to be part of his line of sight once he returned home. And now that Steve is home, practicing his steps deliberately, he can walk from the living room to the distant kitchen window and see the wider world, the gardens that he helped plant and dream of what we will plant in the spring.

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It has been a while since I strolled along the Charles River Esplanade.


It’s that time of year when I feel I can become lost in the water because the low sun is so bright and the reflections so sharp.  Very little breeze (thank goodness) and so the water becomes a near perfect mirror.


For me, I stopped worrying about finding the perfect shot though I did have an agenda before I embarked on my walk.


I let go of that agenda and just accepted the beauty that was around me.




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while walking the spring streets of Cambridge and Somerville

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I took a friend’s advice. Instead of walking all the way home from Copley Square, I walked half way and this is what I saw.

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Cliche but that’s what it was.  These images were taken in the dying of the light, as we exited the Brooks Estate.

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This was the most unexpected shot while walking through the Brooks Estate.

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Earlier this year, the nonprofit WalkBoston produced a wonderful walking map of the historic city of Revere.  If you’re ever in the neighborhood you can access the map online via this link or contact the organization for lovely paper maps. As with many a seaside town, Revere in summer is quite different than Revere in winter.  In either season, my favorite walk is along the beach.  This is what I saw this weekend before the chill drove me home.

More about WalkBoston.

More about Revere Beach.

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I’m not completely sure what Thoreau meant by that phrase but those are the words that surface as I review these photos.  They do capture a bit of the mood of my mind.

Appreciating the light.  Both intrigued and challenged by the darkness.  In an abstract space, and feeling like that’s not a bad space to be in creatively, but …

… also knowing that, especially on a Monday morning, one needs to find some focus.  Or fake it really well.

I’m hoping another cup of coffee might help. Have a good day, folks. 😉

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… while walking along the Charles River Esplanade in Boston.

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… I do see nebula …

… and supernovas …

… and all sorts of stellar events …

… all within a single leaf, found on the ground yesterday, as I walked home.

And as I carried that single leaf in one hand and all of my groceries in the other hand, I had to chuckle because I was reminded of how my parents worried when I went out walking by myself.  They thought that my head would be lost in the clouds.  How right they were.  Anyway … have a good day, folks. 😉

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