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in the Public Garden but was too swift, playing with its mate or its sibling or friend from the tree next door, for me to photograph properly. But this little fellow, along the Charles River Esplanade, it stayed still, tucked at the base of a tree.

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A moment by the water …


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It has been a while since I strolled along the Charles River Esplanade.


It’s that time of year when I feel I can become lost in the water because the low sun is so bright and the reflections so sharp.  Very little breeze (thank goodness) and so the water becomes a near perfect mirror.


For me, I stopped worrying about finding the perfect shot though I did have an agenda before I embarked on my walk.


I let go of that agenda and just accepted the beauty that was around me.




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… when the squirrel stepped out.

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… while peering into the Charles River.

I think I was tucked at the base of a bridge along the Esplanade trying to photograph fish, and then I thought, why not photograph the patterns forming in and on the water.

I have not been back to the river much at all.  We’ll see what happens before this summer’s end.

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