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It is a bird feeder that feeds a community … black, brown and gray squirrels, mourning doves, sparrows, grackles, starlings, a mating pair of cardinals and I’ve even seen a blue jay hovering about. All bigger than this little fellow who patiently waits in the branches of the neighbor’s tall tree and waits for its moment to feed.

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Well, what do you know! I’ve just been informed that today is National Cat Day. That’s all the excuse I need to share this photo of a friend’s kitten trying on her Halloween attire. I should mention that the friend happens to be an Egyptologist. Can you guess what the little one is meant to be? Take a good look at her headdress. Pharoah! 🙂


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By the time I recently made it home from a trek along the Mystic River, I was tired but I hate to take midday naps, and so I stood with bleary eyes at a window just staring into the branches of the magnificent oak tree. I once found a raccoon asleep in that tree, and what do you know, on that particular day, what do I see but the bright eyes of a young squirrel looking back at me.


Separated by a pane of glass and at least several feet of air, he knew he was in no danger from me. We just eyed each other for a bit, and then he decided enough was enough, and just curled right up and went to sleep.


I watched his tail sway in the afternoon breeze and suddenly decided maybe I’d take just a little nap myself. 🙂

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in the Public Garden but was too swift, playing with its mate or its sibling or friend from the tree next door, for me to photograph properly. But this little fellow, along the Charles River Esplanade, it stayed still, tucked at the base of a tree.

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… her eyes fell upon guess what?


A bit wind-tossed but apparently still quite a delight. That’s right, a dandelion.




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photo by DL

According to Kiya’s owner, DL, she selected the rug before the kitten selected her. Clearly this relationship was meant to be. 🙂

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What is there to say? A magic moment in the Boston Public Garden watching this little creature dig about in the dirt for nuts.


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