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photo by DL

In this picture, Ash sits in the window alone, a photo shared by guest contributor DL who has presented several beautiful and often poignant pictures on this blog over the years. Her cat Ash is just learning to sit in windows alone for the first time. His big brother Pepi passed away recently. As DL said to me the picture might be a little sad but for me it is also a beautifully lit capture of perseverance and adaptation to change.

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Do you remember your first dog?  I do.  A Cairn terrier in shades of brown, white and black.  I’m not sure what a little Scottish dog was doing in Lynchburg, Virginia.  She was an indoor dog, I am told, until she jumped into my crib and my mother worried that she had smothered me.  And, thus, she became an outdoor dog.  Fluffy, I called her, because of her long fur.  But if she’d had a long nose, perhaps I would have called her Nosey like my guest contributor, a young girl also living in Virginia, writing about her albino Siberian husky.


My Courageous Moment

By:  Sienna B.

I remember the time when I got my first dog.  I was very scared because I didn’t know what it would be like since I never had a dog only one rabbit. When I first saw the girl dog I didn’t know what to name her.  Since the dog kept pushing me with her nose I called her Nosey the dog.  And now she just lives up to the name Nosey.  Then Nosey became my only friend when I told everyone in school that I got a puppy.  I don’t see Nosey a lot.  She doesn’t live with my family and I.  My landlord said, “No dogs or cats allowed” in his duplex buildings.  I was really mad because I had to give her up to my stepdad.  I still go to see her every day of the week.

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