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No. Today was no lousy Wednesday though I do think the skies have been gray the whole day and I do know of friends and family going through a lot of stuff but I was fairly productive … the velcro on the seat of my pants has been working … and the steady rain all worked to keep me inside. And then while wrapping up the day I walked past a stack of books and there was Steinbeck’s Sweet Thursday and I randomly opened it up and here’s what Steinbeck’s character Mack had to say:

“Some days are born ugly. From the very first light they are no damn good whatever the weather, and everybody knows it. No one knows what causes this, but on such a day people resist getting out of bed and set their heels against the day. When they are finally forced out by hunger or job they find that the day is just as lousy as they knew it would be.

“On such a day it is impossible to make a good cup of coffee, shoestrings break, cups leap from the shelf by themselves and shatter on the floor, children ordinarily honest tell lies, and children ordinarily good unscrew the tap handles of the gas range and lose the screws and have to be spanked. This is the day the cat chooses to have kittens and housebroken dogs wet on the parlor rug.

“Oh, it’s awful on such a day! The postman brings overdue bills. … Mack knew it was going to be that kind of day. He couldn’t find his pants. He fell over a box that had crept out in his path. … on his way across the vacant lot he went out of his way to kick a dandelion flower. …”

No, today was no lousy Wednesday and my dandelions are enjoying this rain but I do hope we all have a sweet Thursday. Take care out there! 🙂

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Well, what do you know! I’ve just been informed that today is National Cat Day. That’s all the excuse I need to share this photo of a friend’s kitten trying on her Halloween attire. I should mention that the friend happens to be an Egyptologist. Can you guess what the little one is meant to be? Take a good look at her headdress. Pharoah! 🙂


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You know you’ve watched too much Game of Thrones when you’re walking through the woods, photographing nature, you chance upon a moth on a tree and while your first thought is “Beautiful!” your second thought is “Wow, I can so see Jon Snow or maybe his sister moodily walking the walls of Winterfell wearing a robe like that!” 🙂


But in truth I do find the pattern on this moth’s wings quite inspiring. No fantasy character’s robe in the future but perhaps a scarf? We’ll see …



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Just last night I spoke with a young friend. I’d sent her a greeting card depicting a cat, sleek and gilded and sparkling with jewels. You see, my young friend tends toward attire that also catches the light. She’d had the card framed and was trying to decide where to hang it on her wall. She already had framed a picture of an owl (I can’t remember if I’d sent her that). She asked, do you think the owl and the cat can be placed side by side? do you think they’d get along? I replied in surprise, my dear! have you never heard of the owl and the pussycat? She hadn’t. She asked, what’s the gist? I told her that I’d share the poem in full in a while but for now it was quite alright, indeed quite wonderful, for the owl and the pussycat to be close on her wall.

The Owl and the Pussycat was first published in 1871 by Edward Lear.  A poem once often told and memorized in schools. A nonsense poem that sparked the imagination. Prequels have been written, and sequels, and many a reinterpretation.  I’m not sure that the original is shared as often as it used to be. As National Poetry Month wraps up, read the poem for yourself on the Poetry Foundation website.  And here is unique interpretation of the story available as a print at LangosyArts.

The Owl and the Pussycat Print by Zoe Langosy

The Owl and the Pussycat Print by Zoe Langosy

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One day a mallard stepped out of the water onto a rock and began to preen.

So tame was it, or so quiet I, that it did not seem to mind that I watched the scene.

I braced myself in the bright, hot sun and took photo after photo with the goal,

I think, to be surprised, to see what might be revealed by this creature in the shoal.

Later I’d discover that most of the pictures were not good but in the moment I did not mind.

I’d had my time with mallard who, I like to think, bowed his head deep at our parting in the ways of his kind.

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… and it fell apart so beautifully. A mammoth bouquet of white flowers with leaves of frosted green whose name I do not even know. I saw it sitting in a black bucket across the store and knew I had to have it. Back on the shelves went a sundry of things because I decided I needed that bouquet more than dark chocolate and such.  It lasted a long time, that bouquet, and during chaotic times I could stare into its midst, with coffee in hand, and just breathe deep.  And it was the breathing deep that got me in the end because after a while, darn allergies, the bouquet’s pleasant scent wasn’t so pleasant after all and so into the hallway it went. With hand over nose, I’d occasionally glance out at its soothing beauty until I needed to be soothed no longer.  As it dried, it fell apart so beautifully.

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I keep telling friends it was the radish that took me out. Not a slippery floor or a missed stair. I pulled a muscle in my back because I was trying to get the perfect shot of these roots on my radish seeds. I’ll never look at the radish the same way again. Have a good Friday, folks. 😉

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Earlier this spring, I found a little potato sprouting in the pantry drawer.  I cut up the potato and planted the sprouts in a big green pot on a table next to several tall windows.  Lots of light shines down even through the widening leaves of the oak tree outside.  No high hopes for a great potato crop but I did have a wee hope to see just a bit of green poke through the soil.  Guess what?

I have in my midst what one friend described as “a lovely green monster” that any moment now is going to shout, “Feed me!”

Are actual potatoes growing beneath the dark soil? Will I grow my first potato crop ever in a big green pot sitting on a sun-drenched table in Somerville, MA?  Stay tuned, my friends, stay tuned.  😉


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Oh, yes, indeed.  I was intentionally playing with my food.

It had been a long day of working with words.  So, at the end of that day, the little kid in me just wanted to dabble in color.

I rose from my desk and walked real fast to the corner store, a Korean market where the owner always greets me with a smile.

She’s used to me now, sometimes entering her store, with no purpose, just to wander the aisles in a bit of a daze, trying to let go of a heady day.

But this day, I had a purpose.  I knew I wanted vegetables to carry home and chop up and photograph in the light of the setting sun.

I wasn’t really thinking dinner. Luckily, Steve always is and so when he returned home, I simply showed him my colorful palette and he saw cooking ingredients.  After a moment of thought, he nodded and said, “I can work with this.”  He would add white garlic and red onions to the mix, but no images of these items do I have for this post because by then I had put my camera away.

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I remember a furry little friend discovering my tealight candles.  She turned around and tried to pretend she hadn’t been poking her face where she shouldn’t but somehow the scorched whiskers gave her away.

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