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Each morning begins with a heavy sigh after reading the headlines but then as I peer out the various windows I find peace in my little garden of sprouts and herbs and so forth growing wherever they can catch the light.


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I know Phil saw his shadow and winter is not over, but I do begin to feel that Spring might indeed be in the air. Through this window I like to rest my eyes on the bare branches of the oak tree, knowing that soon enough they will leaf out, but meanwhile while the branches are bare, sunlight can flood the kitchen so that my tiny little winter garden of sprouts can grow. A small pleasure with big impact. 🙂

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I keep telling friends it was the radish that took me out. Not a slippery floor or a missed stair. I pulled a muscle in my back because I was trying to get the perfect shot of these roots on my radish seeds. I’ll never look at the radish the same way again. Have a good Friday, folks. 😉

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winter kale sprouts

winter kale and pea sprouts

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in a recycled carry out container grows pea sprouts that are quite tasty with tomatoes and hummus.  In the gold goblet, upland cress is hopefully germinating.  Their sprouts from a previous harvest were quite fine on smoked salmon.  And I think in the clay pots I planted some combination of sunflowers and a spicy mesclun mix.  The sun shines on them bright so we’ll see what happens next. And, meanwhile, outside and down below, that same sun shines intense on a landscape covered in ice and snow.

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Two new posters available in my Zazzle shop. Just click on the image for more information on availability. The first image is of spicy cress sprouting in a shell I found on Revere Beach. The second image is of clover, a “weed” I recently learned is edible, so in a little clay pot it now grows next to my other herbs.

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An unexpected find in the pantry drawer this morning.  Tucked in the back, a small red onion and a few small potatoes had sprouted.  My father used to treasure such finds at this time of year.

He’d claim them from my mother and save to plant in the vegetable garden.  I consulted with my brothers who paid much better attention that I to the details of planting vegetables that have gone to seed.

I’m going to tuck these sprouts into some dirt in some big pots I have in the house.  I don’t expect I’ll get much of a crop but it will be fun to see what does happen.  Stay tuned … 😉

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sunflower seeds

sunflower seeds sprouting in a shallow pot

an impromptu salad

place spinach greens on a plate

add sliced grape tomatoes and radishes

pick sunflower sprouts and drop on top

sprinkle with garlic powder, black pepper and sea salt

drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar


(and plant more seeds)

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