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red onions apple cider vinegar and thyme

It took me about a year but I finally stopped just dreaming and talking about pickling onions and finally just pickled the darn onions.

white onion red wine vinegar and oregano

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I don’t remember eating red onions as a child but I rarely eat any other kind these days. There’s something about the combination of taste (the spicier the better), color and texture.  Excellent raw, thinly sliced, topping a green salad or adding a bit of crunch to a small sandwich. And I love when the sunlight settles upon the plate.

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from a red and a yellow onion


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An unexpected find in the pantry drawer this morning.  Tucked in the back, a small red onion and a few small potatoes had sprouted.  My father used to treasure such finds at this time of year.

He’d claim them from my mother and save to plant in the vegetable garden.  I consulted with my brothers who paid much better attention that I to the details of planting vegetables that have gone to seed.

I’m going to tuck these sprouts into some dirt in some big pots I have in the house.  I don’t expect I’ll get much of a crop but it will be fun to see what does happen.  Stay tuned … 😉

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