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I’ve been updating my Zazzle Shop: http://www.zazzle.com/imagesbycynthia I’ll continue to do so on a more regular basis. Take a look and enjoy! And thank you for your support and encouragement. 😉

FYI, the gift shop at Trinity Church in the City of Boston has reopened. There you’ll find a selection of my postcards of the stained glass windows, and many other beautiful items. Located in Copley Square, Boston, directly across from the Boston Public Library.

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Two new posters available in my Zazzle shop. Just click on the image for more information on availability. The first image is of spicy cress sprouting in a shell I found on Revere Beach. The second image is of clover, a “weed” I recently learned is edible, so in a little clay pot it now grows next to my other herbs.

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One of the challenges I set for myself at the end of last year was to practice what I was preaching which was encouraging other people to submit their creative works to literary and commercial publications.  Towards that end, I submitted three images of a Somerville sunset to the online literary magazine, The Critical Pass.  I was honored that one of the images was selected to appear in the current issue, viewable via this link.  While, if you choose, you can easily discover which of these three images was selected, I hope you’ll have time to browse the other works in this issue, as well,  from the thoughtful Letter from the Editor to a wonderful interview with a 15-year old poet (pp. 18-20).

FYI, each of these images is available in my Zazzle Shop here, here and here.

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I am not a full-time food photographer or stylist, but I do have fun on occasion with a piece of fruit or a slice of vegetable sitting on a dark plate in the sunlight.  And if you follow this blog you know how I love my potted herbs.  I’ve collected some of my favorite food photos into a new Zazzle shop:  Just Food by Cynthia.

Posters in this store will always be 6 x 6 in size and available for purchase at $9.75.  Why 6 x 6?

Well, I personally love 6 x 6 frames, like the following, which easily stack on surfaces in the kitchen or can hang, often in a series, on the wall.  This particular image of a romanesco broccoli was purchased for a gentleman who studies fractals, and loves to eat. 😉

Please visit the store when you can.  New items to be added at least once a month. Yum! 😉

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New posters available in my zazzle shop.  Just a few African violet petals, some shadows resting on snow and a rainbow cupped within a shell.  As I originally studied these images, I thought them sensuous and I was reminded of something James Baldwin wrote in The Fire Next Time, “To be sensual, I think, is to respect and rejoice in the force of life, of life itself, and to be present in all that one does, from the effort of loving to the breaking of bread.”  I sometimes worry that I am procrastinating as I watch sunlight settle upon a leaf … but then I just shake myself and become thankful that I could be present in the moment. 😉

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