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As some of you know, I’m rather old-fashioned and so in this age of digital everything, I’m determined to engender in my youngest friends and family at least a modicum of respect for that ancient art of letter writing, even if the only “letter” written is a smiley face on the back of a postcard. Years ago I started an informal postcard club with a small group of children and though they now know far more than I probably ever will about virtual worlds and zombies and apps and emojis, according to their parents and guardians, they are quite pleased to receive mail. I’ve been slack in my duties of late but I decided one way to bring some peace into these chaotic times is for me to sit down and put pen to paper myself and send out some notes to my little friends … and always with the encouragement that they write back. Which some have done. 😉 This particular postcard I designed as a bit tongue in cheek using artwork from an 1886 stained glass window. You can find this card and others in my online shop.


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I’ve been updating my Zazzle Shop: http://www.zazzle.com/imagesbycynthia I’ll continue to do so on a more regular basis. Take a look and enjoy! And thank you for your support and encouragement. 😉

FYI, the gift shop at Trinity Church in the City of Boston has reopened. There you’ll find a selection of my postcards of the stained glass windows, and many other beautiful items. Located in Copley Square, Boston, directly across from the Boston Public Library.

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Coming soon to the Book Shop at Trinity Church will be this postcard depicting The Sunday-School Windows designed and made by Clayton & Bell in 1874.

You can read an earlier post I wrote about these windows, a hidden gem, via this link: https://wordsandimagesbycynthia.com/2014/07/13/sunday-school-windows-at-trinity-church/


Additional Readings





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In The Art and Thought of John La Farge, author Katie Kresser writes that John La Farge (1835-1910) completed his first sketch of Nicodemus and Christ in 1874.  That biblical encounter is a subject that La Farge would depict in several different forms over time.  Here is a sketch dated 1877 in the Yale University Art Gallery, and here is an oil painting completed in 1880, now housed at the Smithsonian.  He would also create a stained glass window for the Church of the Ascension in New York.  The following image, The Visit of Nicodemus to Christ, is a photograph of the mural La Farge painted on the walls of Trinity Church in Boston.

The Visit of Nicodemus to Christ, mural by John La Farge

The Visit of Nicodemus to Christ, mural by John La Farge, 1878

It is one of several murals that La Farge painted inside the building with the aid of assistants like Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Francis D. Millet and Francis Lathrop.  I keep photographing them because I think that there is always something new to see and experience.

In the literature of the time period critiquing his work, there is often reference to La Farge’s use of color in the murals that borders on the poetic.  For example, “In his “Christ and Nicodemus,” … we find the color quality strongly dominant. … the rich blues vein the draperies and background like the threads in a Flemish tapestry …” (The Churchman newspaper, July 6, 1901).

Christ Woman at Well, mural in Trinity Church by John La Farge

Christ Woman at Well, mural by John La Farge, 1877

The beauty of La Farge’s murals is constant but their colors do shift in the light.  Different details become present depending upon where one stands and at what time of day.

David, mural by John La Farge

David, mural by John La Farge, 1877

My favorite is perhaps the painting of David, because of the colors and especially for the expression on the young man’s face.

I had originally titled this post “in his own words” because I came across John La Farge: A Memoir and a Study compiled by Roy Cortissoz, literary and art critic for the New York Tribune, and La Farge’s friend.  In the book, completed in 1911 shortly after La Farge’s death in 1910, La Farge reminisces about what it was like painting the murals at Trinity under tight time constraints, in poor health, up high on scaffolding.  Reading the words made me appreciate the skills of all the artists even more.  If you’d like to read La Farge’ account, begin at the end of page 31 of the book, available online here.

Learn how you can see these murals and other architectural and design features at Trinity Church first hand here. Postcards of some of these images available via The Shop.

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This winter, I’ve been lucky enough to continue photographing the interior and exterior artwork of Trinity Church in Copley Square, Boston.

Trinity is considered one of the most architecturally significant buildings in the United States.  It sits in the center of the City of Boston in an area known as the Back Bay.  If you are ever in the Boston area, I highly recommend a visit to view in person this beautiful structure.  Inside you will find represented the great stained glass artists including John La Farge, Edward Burne-Jones and Margaret Redmond.  Above is a scene from one of her stained glass windows, depicting King Solomon.  I’m pleased to share that this image is available as a postcard in The Shop at Trinity Church, located in the church’s basement.  Future postcards will include this scene from the window Jesus Blessing Little Children by Henry Holiday of London

and this mural by John La Farge depicting the story of Christ and the woman at the well.

The church is located at 206 Clarendon Street, Boston, Massachusetts.  The Shop is located in the basement (or undercroft).   You can read more via this link.  Direct line is 617.536.0944 extension 225 for The Shop.

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Just a couple of quick updates.  First, you may remember the series of posts late last month about storytelling through paper crafts and collage.  Well I turned some of the artwork into postcards.  Printed on high quality paper, they are bright and beautiful and I hope images that will make people smile as they pull them out of their mailboxes.  If you’re interested in purchase, just send me a note and I’ll let you know how you can obtain them.

Second, you may remember previous posts about my continuing adventures with a very young friend about colors.  Our most recent discourse revolved around the color white.  She may just be four years old and I … considerably older … but she does gently nudge me to push at colorful boundaries in unexpected ways.  As I wrote about in this post, for her I’ve tried to pull together a sampling of my favorite “white” images.

I’m quite pleased with the result.  I hope she will be too.  If you have an interest in this little magazine, it is available here as a print copy or for download.  Ah, technology.  😉

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There’s no comparison to nature’s beauty but I did have fun making these paper flowers quickly one night using a combination of old photos, magazine scraps, construction paper and a black marker on white paper.  I’ll likely turn them into fun postcards that can be sent to brighten someone’s mail box.  😉

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It was back in December that I last posted a Words+Images update.  It focused on  end of year inspirations.   Now with spring on the horizon, I thought it time to share new updates.  Let’s see … 😉

Preparing for Somerville Open Studios

Somerville Open Studios 2011 is rapidly approaching and so I am trying to get myself in gear.  I’ve been sorting through images, selecting a set that will be turned into notecards and others that will be matted and framed.  For the first time, I will also have postcards available for sale.  The images will be representative of the changing seasons.  Seasons is the theme of my collaboration with artist Zoe Langosy.

Leading up to show there are many wonderful opportunities to exhibit including the upcoming SOS2010 Volunteer Show.

Sharing Stories

My business cards say “writer/photographer.” A better title would be “storyteller.”  That is what I do whether with words or with images.  With the passing of my Aunt Thelma recently, those fires within have been stoked to listen closely to those around me and to tell their stories well.


Who Killed Cock Robin?

Family Ties

Finding Perspective

There’s all sorts of things I could say about finding perspective this year.  With my camera, at least, let’s just say I found perspective by getting up close and personal with house plants and cut flowers.

One snowy day, I found a lemon …

And when the sun came out, I spied this bird sitting high in a tree.

I think that’s about it.  More to share in the spring … which is only 8 days away!

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In the lobby of the Boston Public Library, you’ll currently find an exhibit of vintage postcards.  As I walked through the exhibit, I was reminded of how much I love sending postcards.  Plus I’ve been told a number of times this month how important postcards can be in sharing ones work.  So!  That’s all the impetus I need to produce some postcards of my work and send them out into the world.  If you would like to receive a postcard with my nature-themed images, or have a postcard sent to family, friends or colleagues, just send me a note with name and address to:  photographybycynthia[at]gmail.com. There’s no charge and addresses will not be shared.  A limited time offer through April 30, 2011.

To view my photos: http://photosbycynthia.smugmug.com/Nature

Read more about the postcard exhibit at BPL here.

Have a good day!


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Hi, all. I’ve been struggling with writing this month’s update. Not sure if that’s because I’ve got too much going on or too little. In any case …

Ordinary Beauty

Lately, I’ve been enjoying photographing the mundane. The absolutely ordinary. The every day items surrounding me at home. Like a stamp or a ball of yarn. How beautiful it has been!

Upcoming Exhibits

  • Riverside Gallery @ the Cambridge Community Center: I”m honored to be exhibiting at the Cambridge Community Center, located in the historic Riverside neighborhood of Cambridge, MA. Gallery curators seek to use the space to serve and connect the community. Opening reception is Saturday, March 6 from 4:00-6:00 pm. More details to follow.
  • Somerville Open Studios 2010: Preparations for SOS 2010 are heating up. Organizers are seeking volunteers. If you’re interested, you can find out more information here.
  • I’m seriously contemplating submitting an application to ArtBeat 2010 which takes place in Davis Square, Somerville, MA in mid-July. The event theme is Water and if you’ve perused my website at all, you know how much I love water images. The deadline is end of the month, so I’ll let you know in April if I get the paperwork in on time. 😉

New Opportunities

Based on a young friend’s suggestion, I’ve created a Just Postcards section on my photo website. Fairly unique postcards available for purchase for just $2.25. As the title suggests, they are images only available as postcards. My goal is to continue adding new images to this section, approximately once a month.


Well, this past month I hunkered down and identified a bunch of online and print literary and consumer magazines open to freelance photography. I’ve sent off over a dozen new submissions and received only two rejections so far and one “maybe.” The list for March is just as long so … we’ll see. 😉

Write, Write, Write

I think it’s helped that it’s been so cold that I needed to stay inside. I’ve dusted off some old manuscripts and begun to rework them. I’ve pitched a few new article ideas to magazines and literary magazines. Most have to do with my family and close friends, aka the people who inspire and support me most.

My Current Inspirations are slave narratives, bookcases, kitchen tables, magazines I can’t really afford and cacti.  What’s inspiring you right now?

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