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That is the theme of the May/June 2013 issue of Alive Now, a lovely, thought-provoking bimonthly publication.  I am honored to have the above photo appearing in an issue addressing a topic that affects perhaps all people in different ways.  On the magazine website, there is a section called Visual Psalmists where the photographers in each issue tell the story behind their images.  The May/June stories may not be up yet, so for now I’ll just share that I took this photo on a marina in Miami years ago while waiting to meet up with friends.  I sat on a bench, turned my head, and there it was in silhouette.

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Just a couple of quick updates.  First, you may remember the series of posts late last month about storytelling through paper crafts and collage.  Well I turned some of the artwork into postcards.  Printed on high quality paper, they are bright and beautiful and I hope images that will make people smile as they pull them out of their mailboxes.  If you’re interested in purchase, just send me a note and I’ll let you know how you can obtain them.

Second, you may remember previous posts about my continuing adventures with a very young friend about colors.  Our most recent discourse revolved around the color white.  She may just be four years old and I … considerably older … but she does gently nudge me to push at colorful boundaries in unexpected ways.  As I wrote about in this post, for her I’ve tried to pull together a sampling of my favorite “white” images.

I’m quite pleased with the result.  I hope she will be too.  If you have an interest in this little magazine, it is available here as a print copy or for download.  Ah, technology.  😉

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