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What an honor to be part of the group exhibit, Inspiring Change for the Climate Crisis, on view at the UVA Gallery at the Arthaus in Allston. The successful show will close this Friday with a vegan ice cream social. Regular ice cream and other treats will be available as well. Open to the public. RSVP: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/vegan-ice-cream-social-closing-of-inspiring-change-for-the-climate-crisis-registration-416660271087

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Artists Jeffrey Nowlin, Cedric Harper and Me

Lucky for me I was standing next to two incredibly photogenic people. Via the following link you can read more about the opening reception for the exhibit, “Inspiring Change for the Climate Crisis,” at UVA’s Arthaus Gallery in Allston. The exhibit can be viewed through September 16th. Drop by if you can and then check out some of the local restaurants in the area.

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the completed trough

Nope, that is not the opening to one of my fairly gentle political posts. Just breathe. Those are the words I repeat to myself the night before I attempt to set up my first installation for the exhibit Peace: Cutting through Turmoil. My contribution to the show I guess I can say is a three dimensional representation of my artistic and emotional experiences after chancing upon 1930’s Federal Writers’ Project slave narratives in the public library, and then later reading more narratives online. It was a short paragraph that set me on this path, a recount of childhood memories of eating from a trough with a mussel shell. Shells pulled from the branches …


What I am creating is ephemeral. Paper, prints, words produced to physically be on display for a little less than a month. A contribution that I think will be part of a powerful whole when viewed in the company of the works by the other participants who have esteemed careers in the arts. I feel a bit like the new kid on the block. A little scary but freeing too.


It will be an assemblage of pieces and parts, words and images, some culled from nature, some acquired collaboratively with the aid of friends. The least ephemeral of the whole is the trough. While he did let me hold a chisel or two, it was Steve who carved the trough for me using a fallen tree, and a pivotal tool, both shared by friends.



Shared by friends. No matter what happens with this project it has been a wonderful collaborative effort. I was even able to involve one of my littlest friends, aged 9 and going on 21, who agreed to hold a mussel shell for me.


Hmmm. What else is there to say? Before this night is done, I have a few more shells to drill holes in and string, and I still need to discuss with Steve how to hang … oops, I can’t tell you what I intend to hang or from what. At least not yet. Meanwhile, I just breathe. 🙂

Peace: Cutting through Turmoil

Brick Bottom Artists Gallery, Somerville, MA

Opening Reception Thursday June 8, 6:00 – 8:00 pm

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… you will find the works of over a dozen photographers. From night blooming cereus, spring buds and insects draped in pollen to statuary, historic architecture and rooftop views of cities, Eyes On: Nature || the Urban Landscape is an eclectic yet cohesive expression of nature and the urban landscape. Please join the Riverside Arts Group at the Riverside Gallery, hosted at the Cambridge Community Center, in celebrating these unique thematic explorations.

Opening Reception, Sunday September 11, 3:00-5:00 PM

Closing Party, Sunday October 9, 3:00 – 5:00 PM

Music and tasty snacks provided at each of these two events. Please drop by, meet the photographers and view these wonderful works. Located at 5 Callendar Street, Cambridge, MA.  Co-curated by Derrick Z. Jackson, Carol E. Moses and Cynthia Staples.


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The Beebe Estate is a historic house located at 235 W. Foster Street in Melrose, MA.  A lovely example of Greek Revival architecture built in 1828 as a home by William Foster, it is now an arts and cultural center. It is my pleasure to have three framed photographs appearing in Nature: Our Most Precious Resources, an arts exhibit hosted at the estate this September by the Friends of the Middlesex Fells. The opening reception was held September 2nd and it was a well attended gathering as you can see in the embedded video. Throughout the three remaining Saturdays in September you have the opportunity to visit and peruse the beautiful works on display. Enjoy. 🙂

Friends of the Fells; Exhibit; Opening Reception; Sept 2, 2016 from Julie Kelleher on Vimeo.

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Eyes On: Nature || the Urban Landscape

Stand still in a meadow. Look up as you pause at a street corner. What do you see? In either landscape there is beauty to be found, complexity of forms and the rich display of life. In Eyes On: Nature || the Urban Landscape, over a dozen emerging and professional photographers exhibit works exploring their experience of the natural world and the urban landscape. Two oftentimes contrasting themes are brought together in one remarkably diverse show.

From September 11 to October 9, 2016,  photographs will be on view at the Riverside Gallery hosted at the Cambridge Community Center in Cambridge, MA. Featured artists include Colin Buckley, Beverly Fisher Crawford, Lois Fiore, Anton Grassl, Linda Haas, Cedric Harper, Michelle Hogan, Derrick Z. Jackson, Carol E. Moses, Andrew McPhee, Seacia Pavao, Ted Prato, and Cynthia Staples. Curators: Derrick Z. Jackson, Carol E. Moses, and Cynthia Staples.

Key dates …

  • Opening Reception Sunday, September 11, 2016, 3:00 – 5:00 PM.
  • Closing Party Sunday, October 9, 2016, 3:00 – 5:00 PM.
  • Light snacks and beverages provided at reception and party.

More details in the coming weeks!


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In September, the Friends of the Middlesex Fells presents Nature, Our Most Precious Resource, an exhibit of artwork celebrating the beauty of the Middlesex Fells Reservation. I’m honored to have three pieces in the show, 12 x 12 prints capturing the bright-hued beauty I’ve experienced in the Fells over the years. The event is hosted at the Beebe Estate in Melrose with an opening reception scheduled for September 2nd, 7-9 PM. Further details can be found below or by calling 781-662-2340.

Learn more about Fells at Friends of the Middlesex Fells: http://www.friendsofthefells.org/

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Exvoto Family by Adriana Prat, image courtesy of the artist

Ex-voto Family by Adriana Prat, image courtesy of the artist

After an extremely successful opening reception in February, the Riverside Gallery will be extending the Words in Our Work Exhibit into early April with a closing reception scheduled for Sunday, April 10th, from 3:00-5:00 PM.  The distinctly different works of 9 fine artists are on display, all of whom weave words into their visual arts.  In February, it was my pleasure to share a conversation with one of the featured artists, Cedric Harper.  Images in this post are provided by another featured artist, Adriana Prat. Originally from Argentina and now living in Cambridge, I first met Adriana through the Riverside Gallery at the Cambridge Community Center where she is the gallery co-director as well as co-curator of this exhibit.

Exvoto Saint N by Adriana Prat, image courtesy of the artist

Ex-voto Saint N by Adriana Prat, image courtesy of the artist

Over the course of several previous exhibits, I’d come to admire the beauty of Adriana’s bright-hued paintings often in oil and acrylic. So when I walked into the Words in Our Work Exhibit I was immediately struck by the difference of these works, the ephemeral nature of layered and textured papers, floating in their frames, and throughout Adriana’s beautiful handwritten script. When I asked her about the inspiration for these works, this is what she shared:

image courtesy of the artist

Ex-Voto Cosmos by Adriana Prat, image courtesy of the artist

The pieces installed at the WiOW show were inspired by nostalgia and gratitude.  Nostalgia because they are pieces specifically composed of “treasures” found in my studio: past paintings, materials, forgotten “souls” at some point considered inadequate, neglected or that were simply waiting for their opportunity to belong in a more introspective collection which comes up from meditations about time passing.  Things that were lost that brought much needed found to my life.”

Ex-Voto Cosmos by Adriana Prat, image courtesy of the artist

Ex-Voto House of My Dreams by Adriana Prat, image courtesy of the artist

“Why gratitude? Inspired by my attraction to ex-votos which are votive offerings made to a saint or to a divinity, in fulfillment of a vow or miracle.  I first discovered them in my beloved Mexico. My small collection of abstract “ex-votos” stretches the boundaries of the traditional narrative images telling a personal story of a miracle or favor received, and therefore rendering my own vision to express my appreciation to the world that surrounds, nurtures and inspires me.

It is a delight to interact with Adriana, to talk about art and her unique perspectives of the world. Learn more about her at www.agprat.com.  Meet her and several other fine artists in person at the closing reception for Words in Our Work, Sunday, April 10th, 3:00-5:00 PM at the Riverside Gallery.

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… gearing up for the various open studios and spring exhibits. The greater Boston area is rich with opportunities and it has been a pleasure taking part in different ways from volunteer to exhibitor. Here are some of the venues where you’ll find my work alongside the work of many other fine artists, and other publication news.

Somerville Open Studios Volunteer Exhibit @ Diesel Cafe, Davis Square, Somerville, April 8 – May 20, 2016, 11 x 14 framed print of a scene along the Mystic River

Cambridge Open Studios @ Riverside Gallery, May 15 – 16, 2016, 12-6pm, 11 x 14 framed metallic print of a sunlit Torch Lily

This 11 x 14 framed metallic print of sunlight flowing over water has been submitted for an upcoming exhibit. More details if it is accepted.

And I’m happy to report that I have four grayscale images appearing in the Winter 2016 Issue of The MacGuffin, a respected international literary magazine based out of Schoolcraft College in Livonia, MI. One of those four images will be featured on the cover of The Mini-MacGuffin, a best of issue that editors will hand out as part of their participation at the upcoming AWP Conference & Bookfair in Los Angeles. More details as the publications become publicly available.

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Visit the website of artist Cedric Harper. Scroll through the sculpture page. Be patient. There you will find The Book of Truth.

As described on the site, it is a ceramic sculpture with a tile base. Inside a large black box is a small black box with a white book. Next to the book is a line of small white trees glistening against a dark red sky. Stark. Beautiful. Visually compelling. Mysterious. What truths reside in that book? During a recent conversation, Cedric would not only tell me about the book but how life, especially its challenges, had shaped his unique artistic expression that combines, as he describes, language, symbols and dreams.

photo courtesy of the artist

I first met Cedric at the Riverside Gallery at the Cambridge Community Center.  We were exhibiting in the same show.  I would later tell him that he reminded me of my brothers.  He is a tall, slim, African American man. Very humble.  And like them someone too easy to underestimate, a sentiment I was reminded of when he described how surprised people can be to discover that he, this quiet gentleman, has created such bold work.

photo courtesy of artist

photo courtesy of artist

Having seen his work in person and online, I was drawn to his use of color and texture and his unique juxtaposition of words and images. Why particular words, images, even the use of such colors?  “They come to me in a dream.  I pick up the broken pieces that others throw away as trash.  In my dreams I see the completed piece.  And then all I have to do is make that image real.”

photo courtesy of artist

photo courtesy of artist

Born in 1957, raised in Kansas City, Kansas, member of a large family, he remembers how his parents stressed working hard. “You had to believe in yourself to achieve success. There were always stories about that.” After college at the University of Kansas-Lawrence, he met a nice fellow, and moved to France for a year.  In 1982 he returned to Kansas where “I met the love of my life.” Eventually they moved to Massachusetts where Cedric would work in healthcare as an advocate for individuals with disabilities.  He would do so for thirty years before becoming a full-time artist. “But when did you actually start producing art?” I asked, and he said quietly, “When my lover was dying.”

photo courtesy of artist

photo courtesy of artist

Cedric’s lover had contracted HIV. As they tried to figure out next steps, they set him up in a home on Cape Cod. Cedric commuted but eventually his lover’s condition worsened and Cedric took leave to take care of him.  “When I moved to the Cape, that’s when I began making art. You know how in Provincetown there are so many shops and they sell box kits for people to put their shells in and other trinkets. To keep my sanity, I started buying the boxes and putting them together and painting them. The paintings became more elaborate. People started paying attention.  They encouraged me.”

photo courtesy of artist

photo courtesy of artist

The pieces evolved.  “Provincetown is a mecca for people throwing out great trash. Beautiful pieces of wood and other materials. If some object called to me, I would bring it home, break it down. Later I’d have vivid dreams about the finished piece specific to the object I had picked up.  That was the hard part. Figuring out how to make that concept real.”

Cedric’s lover died April 7, 1994. “There were a lot of dishes broken that day,” he said with a gentle laugh.  Later he would add, “Art brought me back. Gave me perspective. Something to hold onto and communicate with.”

photo courtesy of the artist

Since then, his art has continued to evolve.  “I began reading books on ancient languages, studying heiroglyphs, and exploring how one translates pictures into language and vice versa.”

photo courtesy of the artist

“Exploring these ideas of language and symbols is what I want to do especially with something that already exists, that people have tossed away.  I can take it and make it my own. My inspiration comes from my imagination. There are no boundaries.”

See Cedric Harper’s artwork firsthand. His work will be on display this weekend, along with eight other fine artists, at the Riverside Gallery Exhibit, Words in our Work.  Opening reception is Sunday, February 28, 3:00-5:00 pm. The exhibit runs through March 2016.

As for what’s in The Book of Truth? The answers will be shared in a follow-up post. Take care.

Cedric Harper by Carol Moses

Artist Cedric Harper, Photo by Carol Moses


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