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Hi, all. I’ve been struggling with writing this month’s update. Not sure if that’s because I’ve got too much going on or too little. In any case …

Ordinary Beauty

Lately, I’ve been enjoying photographing the mundane. The absolutely ordinary. The every day items surrounding me at home. Like a stamp or a ball of yarn. How beautiful it has been!

Upcoming Exhibits

  • Riverside Gallery @ the Cambridge Community Center: I”m honored to be exhibiting at the Cambridge Community Center, located in the historic Riverside neighborhood of Cambridge, MA. Gallery curators seek to use the space to serve and connect the community. Opening reception is Saturday, March 6 from 4:00-6:00 pm. More details to follow.
  • Somerville Open Studios 2010: Preparations for SOS 2010 are heating up. Organizers are seeking volunteers. If you’re interested, you can find out more information here.
  • I’m seriously contemplating submitting an application to ArtBeat 2010 which takes place in Davis Square, Somerville, MA in mid-July. The event theme is Water and if you’ve perused my website at all, you know how much I love water images. The deadline is end of the month, so I’ll let you know in April if I get the paperwork in on time. 😉

New Opportunities

Based on a young friend’s suggestion, I’ve created a Just Postcards section on my photo website. Fairly unique postcards available for purchase for just $2.25. As the title suggests, they are images only available as postcards. My goal is to continue adding new images to this section, approximately once a month.


Well, this past month I hunkered down and identified a bunch of online and print literary and consumer magazines open to freelance photography. I’ve sent off over a dozen new submissions and received only two rejections so far and one “maybe.” The list for March is just as long so … we’ll see. 😉

Write, Write, Write

I think it’s helped that it’s been so cold that I needed to stay inside. I’ve dusted off some old manuscripts and begun to rework them. I’ve pitched a few new article ideas to magazines and literary magazines. Most have to do with my family and close friends, aka the people who inspire and support me most.

My Current Inspirations are slave narratives, bookcases, kitchen tables, magazines I can’t really afford and cacti.  What’s inspiring you right now?

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