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Remember the hand of the budding artist? Well, mom is artist Zoe Langosy.  Recently, she mentioned how important this period of fashion weeks around the world had been in her artistic growth and I asked her to share more through her words and images …

When I was 14, the fashion world became a magic kingdom to me. Fashion took me on a journey through music, pop culture, the arts… I couldn’t get enough. Already developing into a figurative artist, my drawings became filled with long-legged, often tragic looking, beauties. All my characters were adorned in lavish attire made from a patchwork of fabrics and colors.  As this was before the internet, the way I kept up with my new found passion and muse was either on TV or through magazines.  My teenage bedroom began to overflow with Vogue’s from all over the world, Harpaar’s Bazaar, The Face, Sky… Nothing ever compared, though, to the September issue of American Vogue.

Each year seemed to compete with the year before… More pages, more looks, more exclusive inserts from designers. Each year, as summer drew to a close, my sister and I would check newsstands every day anticipating its arrival.  The first issue I purchased was in 1991. Linda Evangelista donned the cover, smoldering with red hair and tartan. I must have turned the pages of that issue a thousand times, and yet somehow kept it pristine like only a true collector could. Never letting any hands on it but my own.

photo by Zoe Langosy

24 years have passed, and I still feel a buzz when the September Vogue appears on the newsstand. It remains a guilty pleasure of mine, still inspiring my art … Of course, I have other inspirations these days as well.

These days, I’m okay if the cover gets scratched or my one-year old tears out a page. Now, it’s become so ingrained in my world it’s like buying a new set of pencils. Something I’m prepared to destroy and use purely as a visual playground that will set my imagination running.

Follow Zoe’s creative journey …


Langosy Arts on Etsy

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It’s an honor to have two of my photos appearing in an upcoming issue of Spirituality&Health magazine.  It is a special issue on Practice.  A beautiful publication with articles that especially resonate for me right now, on topics ranging from clearing mental clutter to the spiritual practice of silence.  You can learn more about this publication and other resources here.

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It was a delight to receive an email from graphic design artist and photographer Cindy Dyer earlier this year.  I had “liked” a post on her beautiful blog and she had visited mine in response.  She liked enough of what she saw to invite me to include my essay, Seeds, in the Spring 2013 issue of her digital magazine, Celebrate Home.  The issue is on newsstands now, so to speak, free to download and print issues can be purchased.  Seeds can be found on page 95 but I encourage to check out all of the writing, imagery, and recipes to found in this lovely publication.  And you can check out Cindy’s blogs via the following links:  http://www.cindydyer.wordpress.com/ and http://www.gardenmuse.wordpress.com/

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Hi, all. I’ve been struggling with writing this month’s update. Not sure if that’s because I’ve got too much going on or too little. In any case …

Ordinary Beauty

Lately, I’ve been enjoying photographing the mundane. The absolutely ordinary. The every day items surrounding me at home. Like a stamp or a ball of yarn. How beautiful it has been!

Upcoming Exhibits

  • Riverside Gallery @ the Cambridge Community Center: I”m honored to be exhibiting at the Cambridge Community Center, located in the historic Riverside neighborhood of Cambridge, MA. Gallery curators seek to use the space to serve and connect the community. Opening reception is Saturday, March 6 from 4:00-6:00 pm. More details to follow.
  • Somerville Open Studios 2010: Preparations for SOS 2010 are heating up. Organizers are seeking volunteers. If you’re interested, you can find out more information here.
  • I’m seriously contemplating submitting an application to ArtBeat 2010 which takes place in Davis Square, Somerville, MA in mid-July. The event theme is Water and if you’ve perused my website at all, you know how much I love water images. The deadline is end of the month, so I’ll let you know in April if I get the paperwork in on time. 😉

New Opportunities

Based on a young friend’s suggestion, I’ve created a Just Postcards section on my photo website. Fairly unique postcards available for purchase for just $2.25. As the title suggests, they are images only available as postcards. My goal is to continue adding new images to this section, approximately once a month.


Well, this past month I hunkered down and identified a bunch of online and print literary and consumer magazines open to freelance photography. I’ve sent off over a dozen new submissions and received only two rejections so far and one “maybe.” The list for March is just as long so … we’ll see. 😉

Write, Write, Write

I think it’s helped that it’s been so cold that I needed to stay inside. I’ve dusted off some old manuscripts and begun to rework them. I’ve pitched a few new article ideas to magazines and literary magazines. Most have to do with my family and close friends, aka the people who inspire and support me most.

My Current Inspirations are slave narratives, bookcases, kitchen tables, magazines I can’t really afford and cacti.  What’s inspiring you right now?

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