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It was a delight to receive an email from graphic design artist and photographer Cindy Dyer earlier this year.  I had “liked” a post on her beautiful blog and she had visited mine in response.  She liked enough of what she saw to invite me to include my essay, Seeds, in the Spring 2013 issue of her digital magazine, Celebrate Home.  The issue is on newsstands now, so to speak, free to download and print issues can be purchased.  Seeds can be found on page 95 but I encourage to check out all of the writing, imagery, and recipes to found in this lovely publication.  And you can check out Cindy’s blogs via the following links:  http://www.cindydyer.wordpress.com/ and http://www.gardenmuse.wordpress.com/

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Did you know that snails have teeth?  I didn’t until I started reading The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating by Elizabeth Tova Bailey.  The book recounts the author’s interaction, while bedridden, with a relocated woodland snail.  The language is quiet, beautiful and colorful.    “While the snail slept I explored the terrarium from my bed … the variety of mosses was so satisfying … Their hues ranged from bright grass greens to deep dark greens and from sharp lemon greens to light blue greens.”


As someone who spends a great deal of time snapping photos of plants, it was very helpful stumbling upon Sarah Simblet’s Botany for the Artist.  A beautiful book in and of itself, its contents reminded me to look more closely at the things I photograph and to better understand the different parts that make up a whole.  I found this blog post that actually shows the behind-the-scenes creation of the book in the artist’s studio.


And finally …

A gift from a friend, and what a source of inspiration.  I’ve been carrying it in my backpack so that whenever I am on the bus or needing a moment’s respite at work, out it comes. 

Any other book recommendations you’d like to share?

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