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As some of you know, I’m rather old-fashioned and so in this age of digital everything, I’m determined to engender in my youngest friends and family at least a modicum of respect for that ancient art of letter writing, even if the only “letter” written is a smiley face on the back of a postcard. Years ago I started an informal postcard club with a small group of children and though they now know far more than I probably ever will about virtual worlds and zombies and apps and emojis, according to their parents and guardians, they are quite pleased to receive mail. I’ve been slack in my duties of late but I decided one way to bring some peace into these chaotic times is for me to sit down and put pen to paper myself and send out some notes to my little friends … and always with the encouragement that they write back. Which some have done. 😉 This particular postcard I designed as a bit tongue in cheek using artwork from an 1886 stained glass window. You can find this card and others in my online shop.


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New postcards available online via this link.  Simply sort by newest products. Happy writing, folks.

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I have an unofficial postcard club of 5, 6 and 7 year olds.  It is mostly a quarterly mailing of nature-themed images.  I have offered to hand the postcards to my young friends but they seem to like the idea of a handwritten note, a stamp applied, and the piece of paper traveling around the world (so to speak) before winding up in their mailbox, addressed to them specifically.  I have told the older ones that one day soon I expect a note in return.  😉

If you follow this blog, you know how much I love producing postcards of the stained glass windows at Trinity Church in Copley Square.  Of late, I’ve been focusing my attention on the painted walls.  Expect a future post about the original paintings orchestrated by John La Farge in the late 1800s and later painting done over the decades during various renovations.

This postcard is of St. Paul on the west porch of Trinity Church.  I especially love the reflection of the church in the glass of the neighboring John Hancock building.  This postcard is now available at the Shop at Trinity Church.

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Two oversized folders purchased in a fine stationery store in Oxford.  For what purpose?  I didn’t know then and I don’t know now.  I do know I couldn’t walk away without them.

They mostly sit on my desk but sometimes I carry them with me and my laptop.  I stare at them as they catch the light and imagine filling their innards with fine linen sheets and matching envelopes and writing to clients, family and friends with my fountain pen and colored inks.  It could happen …

I imagine using them as vessels, luxurious and unique, to house custom, archive quality prints of my photography and presenting them to clients with a flourish. I can see that happening too.  Sort of.  Except I don’t do flourish very well.

When I recently did the math of exchange rates, bank fees and all that, I realized what an investment I’d made in these lovely items.  But I think they are well worth it as unexpected sources of inspiration and creativity.  One day, I am sure, it will become clear what I am to “do” with them but until that moment I will simply enjoy them as they are … empty.

p.s. The store is Scriptum Oxford on Turl Street.  Learn more here.


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How many legs does the frog have? That’s the question I wrote on the back of the Melissa’s Frog postcard that I mailed to my 3-year old nephew.  I’ve felt firsthand the quality of the posters, whether simple poster prints or archival heavyweight paper.  The mugs I’ve left out for display and watched as people remarked at the beautiful glazing.  My passion, of course, are the notecards and stamps.  They’ve sparked quite the conversation at my local post office.  Please see if there is anything of interest for you, your family, friends and colleagues.  Meanwhile, have a good weekend, folks.

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I know I’ve got too much going on when I feel too agitated to sit down and write a short letter or send a funny card to friends and family.  So this Sunday, I took a moment to sit at the kitchen table and send out a few notes to find out how people are and to share some updates from my life.

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