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Two oversized folders purchased in a fine stationery store in Oxford.  For what purpose?  I didn’t know then and I don’t know now.  I do know I couldn’t walk away without them.

They mostly sit on my desk but sometimes I carry them with me and my laptop.  I stare at them as they catch the light and imagine filling their innards with fine linen sheets and matching envelopes and writing to clients, family and friends with my fountain pen and colored inks.  It could happen …

I imagine using them as vessels, luxurious and unique, to house custom, archive quality prints of my photography and presenting them to clients with a flourish. I can see that happening too.  Sort of.  Except I don’t do flourish very well.

When I recently did the math of exchange rates, bank fees and all that, I realized what an investment I’d made in these lovely items.  But I think they are well worth it as unexpected sources of inspiration and creativity.  One day, I am sure, it will become clear what I am to “do” with them but until that moment I will simply enjoy them as they are … empty.

p.s. The store is Scriptum Oxford on Turl Street.  Learn more here.


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The angel above represents Victory and the angel below represents Sorrow.

In the stained glass window (1878), designed by William Morris and executed by Edward Burne-Jones, the figure centered between these blue-winged angels is St. Catherine of Alexandria.  If you have a chance to research her story, you’ll understand why both sorrow and victory were paired.

The face of St. Catherine is that of Edith Liddell.  Her sister was the inspiration for Alice in the book, Alice in Wonderland.


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… I step into stone buildings, like the University Church of St. Mary the Virgin.

I had only a few moments inside the building while racing to another location so I decided to focus (of course) on the stained glass windows.

The story of the windows I will have to research later but for now I am appreciative of viewing their artistry in the autumn light.

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… for long spells of time I have been having much fun walking in the English rain.  I even hummed a bit as I walked through Oxford University Parks yesterday. Until the rains became too heavy … 😉

As for the reference to Gene Kelly, here’s a short youtube video of him Singing in the Rain.  Enjoy!


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This trip was unexpected, a work excursion for Steve and a whirlwind adventure for me.  There was little time (or perhaps, energy) for research about what I might see and so around every bend in the road, I am treated to unexpected beauty.  Like this tree winding its way up the side of a wall in Oxford.

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