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… when you walk through Ricky’s Flower Market.  Spring has arrived (even if another flake or two might fall before month’s end).  I love my indoor gardening but I do appreciate wandering through this outdoor market. A simple way of finding calm. 😉

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A calm, if chilly, experience in late December.

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I do not know if I will ever meet Mr. John Gredler, winner of the 2012 Talking Writing Prize for Nature Writing.  What I do know is viewing his words and image at the end of a long day was a lovely, calming respite.  If you’re in need, check it out. 😉


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… because I am having an orange day.  At least that’s how I’ve decided to define this day, by the color orange.  I mean, I didn’t expect it to be a green day or a blue one. I knew that I would work with the color orange at least for a bit.  On the list of to-do’s that I created last night, I had planned to post the following image with the title “a bit of autumn colors on a plate.”

Yet the day began with me finding a funny bug on a window so I posted that picture instead and likewise little else has unfolded this day as I imagined it might last night.  Nothing horrible has happened.  Just the beautiful unexpected complexities of life that can leave one breathless. But as I raced about, my eyes kept being drawn to sunlight striking orange items.  And finally, as I stopped to catch my breath, I gave myself permission to take the time to snap a few photos of the orange world deigning to reveal itself to me.

Of course then I gave myself permission to play with a few other colors in the autumn palette.

I managed to find at least one leaf. Imagine that.

And there were a few extra tomatoes from the dish I made last night.

Now as I tuck my camera away, I don’t know that I am anymore calm but my head is certainly filled with orange-hued and golden thoughts.  It is indeed a lovely colorful day.  I hope you’re having a good one too. 😉


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I know I’ve got too much going on when I feel too agitated to sit down and write a short letter or send a funny card to friends and family.  So this Sunday, I took a moment to sit at the kitchen table and send out a few notes to find out how people are and to share some updates from my life.

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An Image of Serenity

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