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simply sunlight on an organza bag

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… because I am having an orange day.  At least that’s how I’ve decided to define this day, by the color orange.  I mean, I didn’t expect it to be a green day or a blue one. I knew that I would work with the color orange at least for a bit.  On the list of to-do’s that I created last night, I had planned to post the following image with the title “a bit of autumn colors on a plate.”

Yet the day began with me finding a funny bug on a window so I posted that picture instead and likewise little else has unfolded this day as I imagined it might last night.  Nothing horrible has happened.  Just the beautiful unexpected complexities of life that can leave one breathless. But as I raced about, my eyes kept being drawn to sunlight striking orange items.  And finally, as I stopped to catch my breath, I gave myself permission to take the time to snap a few photos of the orange world deigning to reveal itself to me.

Of course then I gave myself permission to play with a few other colors in the autumn palette.

I managed to find at least one leaf. Imagine that.

And there were a few extra tomatoes from the dish I made last night.

Now as I tuck my camera away, I don’t know that I am anymore calm but my head is certainly filled with orange-hued and golden thoughts.  It is indeed a lovely colorful day.  I hope you’re having a good one too. 😉


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Sometimes, when I have a lot of writing to do for clients, I give myself (and especially my lower back) a break by getting up, grabbing my camera, and following the light around the house.

The Pillow

The Plastic Tower

Behind the Curtain

The Sake Bottle

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Here’s a whimsical project inspired by the Robert Mappelthorpe images in Patti Smith’s memoir Just Kids.  Interspersed throughout the book are images taken by Mapplethorpe of Patti, of himself, and of the two of them together.  What stands out for me in each of the images, reproduced as black and white in the book, are their hands.  Long-fingered, pale, thin hands.  Willowy.  I’ve always been drawn to hands, and so after completing the book, I decided to engage in a quick photo project with friends and coworkers today.  Let me photograph your hands.  Thankfully, they complied.

Dixie the Archaeologist

Meredith the Musician

Steve, the Physicist, Peeling an Orange

Steve Pollinating His Pepper Plant

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Butterfly Photo by Lorraine

Do butterflies live in houses?  They do in the mind of a young friend of mine.  And that’s the focus of an article I wrote posted today on Creativity Portal.com, about the unexpected places one finds inspiration.

In the Butterfly House

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