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At least that’s what I decided to create in GIMP after watching sunlight shine through my water glass.



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I found myself by the Mystic yesterday. I went without expectation, mostly feeling a need to stretch my legs. I gave myself one hour thinking that would be enough time to do one of my standard circuitous routes but for most of the hour I found myself in one spot. It was early morning, not too hot, the sun shining bright. A good wind but not too strong. I was able to plant my feet and practice patience as the butterflies settled around me.




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in the Arnold Arboretum. If you know the species name, please share!

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and a chipmunk too.


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That’s the translation of the little slip of paper on the back of the butterfly, Plique a jour. An enameling technique similar to cloisonne but with no backing so that the light can shine through. It’s meant to be worn as a pin but I might turn it into an occasional suncatcher. A wonderful find in an old shop. A dainty little thing, bits of damage, an antennae missing. Still beautiful. And as much as the design, I like that idea of letting in daylight at any time of day.

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A butterfly mobile. A gift given many years ago by a friend. The wings are growing a bit threadbare and dust is adding a fuzzy film. Regardless, still a lovely source of inspiration, and occasionally contemplation,  whenever it catches the light.

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Water flowed across the asphalt, a broken pipe perhaps.  In the bright light of the day were reflected the reds, greens, and golds of the overarching trees, and the thick dark lines of the neighboring fence.

And nearby a butterfly perched, the brightest one I’ve seen all year.

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