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mysticbirdA rather unique bird swimming in the frigid waters of the Mystic River. A red-breasted merganser, perhaps?

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and eyes and feathers and … just all around beautiful.


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When in Sumter, South Carolina, I missed the irises in bloom but the swans were in full force. The city’s Swan Lake Iris Gardens is the only public park in the U.S. to feature all eight swan species. The sun shone bright this particular day as this trio floated by.

Learn more about the park via this link: http://www.sumtersc.gov/swan-lake-iris-gardens

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the seasons are changing wonderfully

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All are welcome to gather by the water and rest awhile, the mallards and geese, and this colorful fellow, all I expect accept a hawk.

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One day a mallard stepped out of the water onto a rock and began to preen.

So tame was it, or so quiet I, that it did not seem to mind that I watched the scene.

I braced myself in the bright, hot sun and took photo after photo with the goal,

I think, to be surprised, to see what might be revealed by this creature in the shoal.

Later I’d discover that most of the pictures were not good but in the moment I did not mind.

I’d had my time with mallard who, I like to think, bowed his head deep at our parting in the ways of his kind.

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