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I need to write a story about hope for a magazine and, so far, all that comes to mind are feathers. These were floating in the pond in Boston Public Garden yesterday. And so was she …

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One day a mallard stepped out of the water onto a rock and began to preen.

So tame was it, or so quiet I, that it did not seem to mind that I watched the scene.

I braced myself in the bright, hot sun and took photo after photo with the goal,

I think, to be surprised, to see what might be revealed by this creature in the shoal.

Later I’d discover that most of the pictures were not good but in the moment I did not mind.

I’d had my time with mallard who, I like to think, bowed his head deep at our parting in the ways of his kind.

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It has been a while since I walked along the Charles River with my camera.  Just a short trip today after work, and this is what I saw.

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