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starling and a sparrow

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I finally see the birds making all the sounds by the river.


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I need to write a story about hope for a magazine and, so far, all that comes to mind are feathers. These were floating in the pond in Boston Public Garden yesterday. And so was she …

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… paired with a powerful poem referencing Icarus.  It can take a while for the free version of the 52 page journal to load but it is worth it to start from page one and work your way to the end.  This Fall 2015 edition of Dirty Chai Magazine is filled with beautiful art, creative nonfiction, fiction and poetry.  As the editor Azia DuPont notes in her opening letter there are a number of sensitive pieces dealing with tough topics chosen “not for their shock value but for their humanity.”  As always I am honored to have one of my photos selected to share the page with such works. Enjoy.


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I remembered seeing another feather earlier this morning.  It lay upon the floor and I thought how lovely nestled at the foot of the bed. After photographing the little feather in the glass, I collected the larger feather upon the floor.  And it too was a joy to photograph.

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I was racing around and suddenly grew thirsty. I picked up a glass by the bed and just happened to look down before I swallowed the little feather that had slipped out of its pillow to drift into my glass.  And so, did I then empty the glass and relieve my thirst? Nope. I raced around to different light sources to see how best to illuminate this unexpected treat.


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Recently, a family of swans swam past me. As they did so, several spread their wings in the sunlight.  Slow movements that made me think of motion and music.

I took many photos, and I wondered what am I to do with these images? Then, I listened to a particular piece of music and suddenly wanted to put the images and that music together somehow.


I’m going to give it a try. I’m not sure that I will be successful, but it is good to have a goal. I’ll let you know what happens. But until then, here are a few images of the beautiful birds.

p.s.  As for the music that moved me? Just one of those very popular pieces out there in the world, Adagio in D Minor by John Murphy, composed for the film, Sunshine (2007). So many variations on the theme available online, but here’s a link to a nice one. Enjoy.

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scenes along the Charles River

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a feather blew through the kitchen window to land upon a bottle on the floor

the house is surrounded by sparrows and blue jays and a baby robin I know I saw on the parking lot below

hawks fly past and pigeons dot roof tops and seagulls are like rats constantly on the prowl

but from which specific nest this bit of white fluff came, I’ll never know for sure

I can only imagine

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