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a swan

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Recently, a family of swans swam past me. As they did so, several spread their wings in the sunlight.  Slow movements that made me think of motion and music.

I took many photos, and I wondered what am I to do with these images? Then, I listened to a particular piece of music and suddenly wanted to put the images and that music together somehow.


I’m going to give it a try. I’m not sure that I will be successful, but it is good to have a goal. I’ll let you know what happens. But until then, here are a few images of the beautiful birds.

p.s.  As for the music that moved me? Just one of those very popular pieces out there in the world, Adagio in D Minor by John Murphy, composed for the film, Sunshine (2007). So many variations on the theme available online, but here’s a link to a nice one. Enjoy.

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Well, one benefit of three major snowstorms in a row is that I’ve spent a lot of time indoors catching up on my reading.

One of my favorite finds is Seasons by French artist Blexbolex.  The interior of the book is lovely, but it is in the exterior cover image that I lose myself.

It is categorized as a picture book for children, of silkscreen art depicting life and nature throughout the seasons, but I think many adults would find it fascinating as well.  Given the pink font inside, and the pink on the cover, maybe Blexbolex’s book spurred my current interest in pink!


“The leaf has a song in it.”  For that line alone, from the poem What Can I say, I am grateful to Mary Oliver.

Each poem in the slim volume is thought-provoking and insightful about Oliver as an individual, as well as about humanity.  She inspires  the writer in me as well as the photographer.

One day I’d like to do a series of photographs inspired by her poetry.  This is what I wrote about my first encounter with Mary Oliver back in 2006.


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