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“I brought you something,” is what Zoe  said as she reached into her bag.  “An apple.”  A healthy snack.  How lovely, I thought as I glanced at the fruit.  As I looked closer, I could not help but exclaim, “Wow, it is like a sunset held in your hand!”  And what did she say?

She said, “Ha!  I knew you’d see it.  I picked it up and turned it around and knew you would see that landscape.  Your challenge is to photograph it!”  My stomach grumbled just a bit.  “You mean I can’t eat it?”

“Of course you can, ” she said, turning away.  “As soon as you figure out how to capture what you’re seeing.  That’s all.”

I must say it was a bit maddening that day to travel home hoping I didn’t bruise the landscape.  Did I capture it?  I don’t know but I sure had fun trying.  As I post these pictures, the landscape has been consumed.  It was a tasty artistic adventure.  I look forward to future challenges. 😉

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Straight honey I’ve slowly come to enjoy as an adult.  A honey bear can last me quite a while.  I use a bit on hot toast or a warm biscuit.  Such a breakfast I had this chill morning.  And you know what happened? But, of course, the sun came around the corner on her chariot and lit the little creature up.


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… for long spells of time I have been having much fun walking in the English rain.  I even hummed a bit as I walked through Oxford University Parks yesterday. Until the rains became too heavy … 😉

As for the reference to Gene Kelly, here’s a short youtube video of him Singing in the Rain.  Enjoy!


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As I work with this image of a leaf

for this post to share with you

I find myself singing these words

with great zest and sincerity

and yes I sound pretty good (or maybe not)

but since I cannot read or write

 a musical note of any kind

the rhythms of this song will be lost to time

but this image of the leaf

in its fine autumn dress

will hopefully brighten your day for quite a while.


* The title refers to a guest post I have asked my younger brother, who does have an ear for music, to write about music and nature based on his life experiences down in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  It is a treat I hope to share before the end of the year. Stay tuned. Get it? Tuned … Have a good day, folks.  😉


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Steve Hands for Vine Leaves Literary Journal Issue 8

Steve Hands for Vine Leaves Literary Journal Issue 8

The best part about having been given carte blanche to use his words and my images of him however I choose … well, it is just so much fun to say out of the blue, “Hey, Steve, guess what?  There’s a picture of your hands appearing in a magazine next month.”  He pauses, takes a deep breath and then says, “So, when did you take this picture?”  And I get to make statements like, “Oh, don’t you remember that afternoon you were peeling shrimp and we were talking politics?”  Anyway … 😉  His hands are paired with a vignette in the online and print publication, Vine Leaves Literary Journal, Issue 8.  As explained on the journal’s website, a vignette is a word that originally meant “something that may be written on a vine-leaf.” A snapshot in words.  Here’s a link to the freshly launched issue filled with great brief reads and a wonderful array of images.

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This is why I like having family fact checkers.  After a friend recently gave me a grapefruit, I simply remembered that my mother used to love that fruit.  When I called my brother, he was able to add, “Yep.  That’s right.  She used to gum ’em.”

You see she had false teeth that she only wore for school meetings or doctor visits.  At home there was no need for pretense.  Gum the fruit, she may have, but she also had lovely serrated spoons made special for scooping out grapefruit pulp.  According to my brother, the whole family ate the sour fruit and with lots and lots of sugar.  He said that he and I shared a single fruit. When most of the pulp was gone, we would try to squeeze the last remnants of juice into a glass.

“So we shared?” I said with a smile.  He agreed, and then added, “Unless you made me mad.  Then I’d put dogfood in the glass.”  It’s those little details … 😉

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I do not like bananas.

I do not like them green or gold.

I do not like them hot or cold.

I do not like them with pretty brown spots.

I do not like them cut into pots.

I do not like them sliced thick or thin,

not even when placed in a bright shiny tin.

Eat a banana that looks like gourmet abstract art?

No, my dear Sam.

I’d rather eat my wheat bread with ham.

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I call this image “the vellum couple.” I see a man and woman in deep conversation.  You know THAT conversation at the end of the movie when the couple has come to a fork in the road.  Despite the title of this post, I think the couple is more likely Charles Boyer and Irene Dunne than Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh.  Let’s just say I grew up watching a lot of black and white movies with sweeping music.  In fact, the image is of two flowers as photographed through a sheet of vellum.  If you’d like to see additional images, please visit this temporary gallery.  Most of the images are of plants — ranunculus, nasturtium, poinsettia, and others — as viewed through the vellum.  There are a few images like the one below with vellum as background.

Vellum Series

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I know.  That was horrible.  But I just couldn’t help myself with that title. I’ll try to be more disciplined with my words next time.  Meanwhile, I hope you have had a good day. 😉

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