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a simple breakfast 😉

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“It’s just leftovers,” he said.  “Leftover mashed potatoes and a single egg.  The egg has a little fresh thyme mixed in but really, how much more simple can you get?”  Indeed. 😉

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Straight honey I’ve slowly come to enjoy as an adult.  A honey bear can last me quite a while.  I use a bit on hot toast or a warm biscuit.  Such a breakfast I had this chill morning.  And you know what happened? But, of course, the sun came around the corner on her chariot and lit the little creature up.


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I don’t know that it will help me focus any better this discombobulated day, but making myself get up from the computer, assemble the ingredients, and take a few shots before digging in … I did feel better afterward and it sure did taste good. Have a good Wednesday. 😉

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Simply two eggs, slightly beaten.  Pour into hot, well-buttered frying pan.  Fold over.  Lightly brown on each side.  Touch to make sure center of egg is as firm (or as soft) you prefer.  Slide onto plate.  Sprinkle with a few fresh chopped herbs.  Yum. A good way to start St. Paddy’s Day. 😉



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Now I do not think that everyone would describe black walnuts as a beautiful food.  Even for me it is a bit like cilantro.  I can have a little, not a lot.  But for Steve, black walnuts are one of those pungent, decidedly earthy fruits that should be savored and recognized as a culinary treasure. He and I have trekked through the woods of New England with plastic bags in hand searching out the trees, digging at their roots for the nuts covered in their brown-green husks, knocking squirrels out of the way if necessary.

The husks have come back home, sat in a basket in the hallway to dry out, and then the onerous process begins of extracting the nut from the husk.  That process usually involves a hammer or vice grips.  Now you see why these nuts are such a treasure. Steve has been experimenting with these nuts quite a bit.  As unofficial taste tester, I’ve enjoyed Black Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies, Wild Rice with Black Walnuts  (served alongside Duck and Kale), and I think there was even Black Walnuts with Strawberries spooned over vanilla ice cream (or I might be making that one up!).  Most recently, he served up Black Walnut French Toast.  I’ve told enough folks about this dish that I thought I should share the recipe along with the few photos I managed before all I could think about was eating. Enjoy. 😉

Steve’s Black Walnut French Toast

enough for 2 people for Sunday brunch or perhaps a decadent dessert

leftover bread, sliced thick

3 eggs

black walnuts, chopped, approx. half a cup




In large bowl, mix the eggs, add cinnamon, nutmeg and little bit of cream.  Once well mixed, toss in the black walnuts.  Warm a frying pan and add some butter.  Dip the bread in the egg mixture.  Coat well and then drop in the frying pan, browning on both sides.

For those who might like the crunch of nuts, be sure to scoop out nuts from the mixing bowl and press into the toast.

Serve with butter, warm maple syrup and perhaps some bacon on the side.

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