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… eggs, as many a person has heard. I accidentally hoarded eggs. Thank goodness Steve makes a great omelette.

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Steve is taking great advantage of the fact that I accidentally hoarded eggs … not toilet paper, darnit … dozens of eggs. He never repeats a recipe. He’s a believer in the everlasting meal, raiding the refrigerator for whatever leftovers can be found. This omelette contained leftover chicken, leftover as well as some fresh broccoli, leftover brussel sprouts, gruyere cheese, and dried chanterelles that had been steamed in a little white wine. Some foodie friends have shared additional recipes. Let the creativity commence!

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“It’s just leftovers,” he said.  “Leftover mashed potatoes and a single egg.  The egg has a little fresh thyme mixed in but really, how much more simple can you get?”  Indeed. 😉

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An impulse buy at the grocery store for sure.  A package of eighteen little eggs with so many different patterns on their shells.

A half dozen can fit into my hand at once.  As for preparation …

… something simple.  Perhaps boil them, shell them and place on a bed of mixed lettuce greens.  Add a few sliced cherry tomatoes.  Maybe drizzle the ensemble with a salad dressing made from the aioli Steve made last night.  And yes, that aioli is infused with those mustard greens.  Some toasted bread rubbed with garlic, and I think that’ll do it. 😉

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Simply two eggs, slightly beaten.  Pour into hot, well-buttered frying pan.  Fold over.  Lightly brown on each side.  Touch to make sure center of egg is as firm (or as soft) you prefer.  Slide onto plate.  Sprinkle with a few fresh chopped herbs.  Yum. A good way to start St. Paddy’s Day. 😉



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Actually, an image of steam rising from a couple of eggs I boiled for a young friend’s lunch yesterday.

I guess the sun was shining through the kitchen window just right.  Or I just happened to look over my shoulder at the right time.  I’ve been trying to get better at planning photo shoots and selecting items to photograph.  I must say, I would never have thought to photograph steam.  Until now.

It was captivating to watch the patterns appear and disappear.

I must say the next time I boil an egg I’ll be curious to see how the light is shining into the room. 😉


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