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After smelling an open jar of wild mint (that’s all it was, I swear) I once had a waking dream of setting up camp in the desert, my feet sinking into the hot sands, the air filled with the sounds of horses snorting and the jingle of their bells. I was perhaps influenced by a conversation with a man from Morocco. Even before that dream I had been planning to visit the Sahara, as well as deserts within the U.S.

Some of my favorite movies have depicted vast dunes of sand in shades of sparkling white to dusky cream and even dark gold. Lawrence of Arabia. The English Patient. Dune. There’s that opening scene in the 1979 movie, The Black Stallion.  And, of course, Star Wars. 😉  I love the depiction of man or beast making their way across the shifting landscape.  I have been lucky to visit many different landscapes and to photograph them.

But no deserts yet.  Not really.  This morning, as I lay in bed, photographing the hills and valleys of the cotton sheets, I wondered anew if I ever will see such sandy sights firsthand.

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I call this image “the vellum couple.” I see a man and woman in deep conversation.  You know THAT conversation at the end of the movie when the couple has come to a fork in the road.  Despite the title of this post, I think the couple is more likely Charles Boyer and Irene Dunne than Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh.  Let’s just say I grew up watching a lot of black and white movies with sweeping music.  In fact, the image is of two flowers as photographed through a sheet of vellum.  If you’d like to see additional images, please visit this temporary gallery.  Most of the images are of plants — ranunculus, nasturtium, poinsettia, and others — as viewed through the vellum.  There are a few images like the one below with vellum as background.

Vellum Series

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A friend just shared the extended trailer for the movie Cloud Atlas, based on the novel by David Mitchell. After only thirty seconds of viewing, I knew the trailer was all the excuse I needed to share some cloud photos. Mostly taken in the Greater Boston area.  Enjoy!

As for that trailer, if you’d like to view for yourself, just click here.  A bit long but darned inspiring.  So, while my creative procrastination most recently was photographing a plum, I think today it will most certainly be an afternoon walk with my camera pointed at the sky.  Hmmm, that’s probably why my family worries about me when I’m crossing the road. 😉

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It has been a joy getting to know the Langosy family of artists.  For decades, Donald Langosy has been painting luminous works on canvas.  Wife Elizabeth Langosy is a writer and editor extraordinaire.  Daughter Hadley is a gifted photographer and sister Zoe produces illustrations gracing publications worldwide.  It is a pleasure to share the words + images of niece, Avery, embarking upon her own creative path, inspired by family and a sense of place.

The Farm

Creation, for me, is painful. In fact, I can’t create. Not from scratch. Instead I use inspirations like collage to “create”. I’ve acquired sacred things as I make my way through life, and each one contributes to everything I make. Whenever I feel used up, dry, boring, I turn to my inspirations for hope. And one of my favorites is The Farm.

I met The Farm when I was just six years old, when my Aunt Hadley introduced me. Hadley’s family has owned The Farm (in truth just a house and land) for eighty years. She grew up wandering its fields. She loved The Farm so much, she got married there. And she loved me so much, she made me her flower girl. Hadley said her vows beneath Hansen Falls, but I didn’t hear them. I was busy scrambling up that same waterfall. They had to stop the ceremony to find me. I was just exploring.  That’s why The Farm has always captivated me. It holds such promise of exploration, adventures, and secrets. There were always fairies at The Farm, and ghosts and spirits and things you couldn’t quite see but just feel. The Farm was like a different world.

Because of The Farm I love magic, ghost stories, the feeling of goose pimples, night breezes, falling stars, I love quiet. I grew up knowing I wanted to create, but not sure what. I tried stories, photography, painting, friendship bracelets…and I found film. I had my media, but I needed my inspirations.

Now I’m embarking on a new adventure at The Farm: a short film about ghost stories, fairies, the quiet of the land, and the deeper silence of a fractured relationship. Film is my media, the Farm is my muse. I just hope I can do it justice.

Avery’s short film is called Draw Down the Moon, and will be out Winter 2012. She and her fellow filmmakers are currently fundraising. See Avery and learn more at http://kck.st/SGRHEw.

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