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I do not like bananas.

I do not like them green or gold.

I do not like them hot or cold.

I do not like them with pretty brown spots.

I do not like them cut into pots.

I do not like them sliced thick or thin,

not even when placed in a bright shiny tin.

Eat a banana that looks like gourmet abstract art?

No, my dear Sam.

I’d rather eat my wheat bread with ham.

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I think I like green eggs and ham more than I like bananas.

But according to the literature, a banana might be healthier.

And so, on occasion, a couple of bananas I do buy.

They are actually fun to photograph especially once their length is cut in half.

It’s the eating part that makes me pause and wrinkle my nose,

And secretly wish that the mouse in my house — I saw him last night —

Would eat the banana so that I wouldn’t have to at all.

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