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“I brought you something,” is what Zoe  said as she reached into her bag.  “An apple.”  A healthy snack.  How lovely, I thought as I glanced at the fruit.  As I looked closer, I could not help but exclaim, “Wow, it is like a sunset held in your hand!”  And what did she say?

She said, “Ha!  I knew you’d see it.  I picked it up and turned it around and knew you would see that landscape.  Your challenge is to photograph it!”  My stomach grumbled just a bit.  “You mean I can’t eat it?”

“Of course you can, ” she said, turning away.  “As soon as you figure out how to capture what you’re seeing.  That’s all.”

I must say it was a bit maddening that day to travel home hoping I didn’t bruise the landscape.  Did I capture it?  I don’t know but I sure had fun trying.  As I post these pictures, the landscape has been consumed.  It was a tasty artistic adventure.  I look forward to future challenges. 😉

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I can’t yet see the words but I feel them, somewhere, somehow, embodied in this apple with its lovely leaf.  Yes, a weight of hidden words.  I hope to find them before the month’s end, to glimpse their fragile figures before they disappear into the ether.  Or at least before the apple disappears inside me.

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