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Believe me, I do not go out of my way to photograph insects. It’s just that they sometimes tend to hold still for me like this moth on the kitchen window. It did eventually make its way out the window.

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You know you’ve watched too much Game of Thrones when you’re walking through the woods, photographing nature, you chance upon a moth on a tree and while your first thought is “Beautiful!” your second thought is “Wow, I can so see Jon Snow or maybe his sister moodily walking the walls of Winterfell wearing a robe like that!” 🙂


But in truth I do find the pattern on this moth’s wings quite inspiring. No fantasy character’s robe in the future but perhaps a scarf? We’ll see …



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It is a unique collaboration of sorts, and not a collaboration that I will do with many people. But I think that Zoe Langosy and I have worked together for so many years in so many different ways, and always around the visual, that I trust her when she pulls me aside to show me something she’s tucked away because she saw it and thought of me and my photography.

No expectations around output just an instinct that this thing that she saw – a fallen leaf, a rock, and in this case a moth – might interest me and perhaps even empower me to stretch myself as a photographer using whatever tools I have at hand.

She likes to cut up my photography to use in her collage. I’m grateful that she finds whole objects to share with me in return.

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Upon my last great move, I had to get rid of a lot of books.  One of the few books I kept was A Pocket Guide to Butterflies & Moths.  The illustrations provided colorful, calming inspiration but I was also interested in learning just a bit of the science behind these winged insects that had captured my attention since childhood.

Here in Somerville, in this house with so many windows and so few screens, many a winged creature has made an appearance, from bumblebees and wasps to lady bugs and dragonflies.  No butterflies that I can remember, but across all the seasons, many a moth has visited and some have never left.  Usually, I find them nestled next to light sources, curled with proverbial charred wings next to light bulbs and candlewicks. The one in this series of images I found on a book shelf.  He was dry at the time and near no lamp.

I held him in my hand and wondered what had happened.  As I held him close, I could see the beauty of his form and so decided to try to capture what I saw before me.

A bit macabre perhaps but I think I learned some things about form, function, patterns and even color that I continue to muddle through.



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Seeing these fragile remains made me think of the poem by Don Marquis, the lesson of the moth.

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… but I couldn’t help myself.  Sometimes I find dragonflies on the ground and sometimes I find moths.  On occasion, I spy spiders sitting on silken webs in a corner of the house.

I’ve yet to photograph the mouse that refuses to wear diapers else he’d be welcome to stay.  In the end, they are all beautiful creatures.

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I used to write a lot of fantasy short stories.  This fellow, whose acquaintance I made this morning, certainly inspires me to try my hand again at the genre.  He reminds me of a winged Little Prince staring off into the depths of space, dreaming of home.  But that’s the romantic in me.

In fact, my alien prince is a petite moth who settled upon a warm window that, unfortunately for it, grew cold in the night.

By morning when I saw it, it rested in the melting condensation.

A few photos and then with the most minimal image manipulation, my buggy friend became an errant prince embarking into the unknown.

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