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Steve says this ice image reminds him of the Little Prince on his asteroid B-612 traveling the universe. What do you see? 😉

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a child did wander through the stars …

how he traveled I don’t know …

all I know is the beauty he saw …

dazzling lights and colors true, representing every hue …

then one day he saw a world, big and blue with oceans dark …

down he went unto the land to wander lost upon the sands …

until he came upon a man

to whom he shared his many sights

one day that man would write a book

that is how I know that

in a galaxy far away

a child did wander among the stars

and maybe he still does


Editorial note:  These words came to me a a song as I was trying to figure out a way to share the above images (which are of ice on windows).  Since I can’t read or write music, I can’t really tell you how the song goes but maybe you can come up with your own tune. It wasn’t until the last few lines that I realized I was referencing the story of The Little Prince. 

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I used to write a lot of fantasy short stories.  This fellow, whose acquaintance I made this morning, certainly inspires me to try my hand again at the genre.  He reminds me of a winged Little Prince staring off into the depths of space, dreaming of home.  But that’s the romantic in me.

In fact, my alien prince is a petite moth who settled upon a warm window that, unfortunately for it, grew cold in the night.

By morning when I saw it, it rested in the melting condensation.

A few photos and then with the most minimal image manipulation, my buggy friend became an errant prince embarking into the unknown.

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