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I was staring at this picture I’d taken of a daffodil, trying to figure out its name, when that fellow in my life walked by and said, “That looks like a tornado,” and then he walked on.  What do you see? 😉

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Not sure this nasturtium leaf is emerald, Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2013, but I think it is a lovely shade of green just the same.  And it is very tasty, in fact peppery, sprinkled on top of salads. 😉

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a child did wander through the stars …

how he traveled I don’t know …

all I know is the beauty he saw …

dazzling lights and colors true, representing every hue …

then one day he saw a world, big and blue with oceans dark …

down he went unto the land to wander lost upon the sands …

until he came upon a man

to whom he shared his many sights

one day that man would write a book

that is how I know that

in a galaxy far away

a child did wander among the stars

and maybe he still does


Editorial note:  These words came to me a a song as I was trying to figure out a way to share the above images (which are of ice on windows).  Since I can’t read or write music, I can’t really tell you how the song goes but maybe you can come up with your own tune. It wasn’t until the last few lines that I realized I was referencing the story of The Little Prince. 

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I believe in magic especially this winter as I’ve watched frost form upon the windows.  Read more at Creativity Portal about the Winter Window Magic I’ve seen.  Enjoy!

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The name of the plant I do not know.  Its cost was $2.48.  I know that because the label is still on the side of the little plastic pot. I have never replanted it.  I sometimes forget to water it and then when I do I sometimes drown it but it is a succulent and that seems to be okay.

I have tucked it in a very, very sunny corner. Perhaps for that reason it forgives my neglect and on occasion produces these magnificent pale blooms on pencil thin stalks that I snip and place in an old spice jar.  I’ve been photographing them against a background of white vellum.

We’ll see what the rest of the winter holds, if new blooms will emerge.  Meanwhile, I’ll try to show my appreciation by buying some soil later today so I can replant this (and several more) plants later in the week. 😉

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A little wooden butterfly scotch taped to a piece of vellum that was taped to a sunny window.  A bit of fun on a Tuesday morning. 😉

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A story inspired by a 5-year old in love with “Once upon a time a little girl …” 😉

Once upon a time a little girl picked a bouquet of flowers.  She put them in a vase of water and placed the vase next to a window.  Each flower upon its  sturdy stem was beautiful in the sunlight.  But then time passed and the flowers changed no matter how many times she added water.  One morning she brushed her hand across the dying blooms and a whole flower fell to the table.

It broke revealing all its many parts that had made a single whole.

The girl gently touched the fragile pieces.  While she admired their different shapes and colors and textures, she wanted her flower back as a single beautiful thing.

And so she picked up the stigma and stamen and petals and leaves and she tried to put the puzzle back together again.  It was, of course, an impossible task.  As she stood there at the window trying to decide if she should be very angry or very sad or just a little crabby, a ray of light touched a petal and the withering stems.   “It’s still beautiful,” the girl realized with a smile, “Just in a different way.”

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