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Yes, indeed, it is that time of year once more.  Somerville Open Studios 2015 is taking place May 2 + May 3, with sneak previews on May 1.  I am honored to have this piece appearing in the SOS Volunteer Show held at the Bloc 11 restaurant in Union Square April 8 – May 20.  If you click on the image, you’ll see that it is a photograph of the oak tree that towers over my house.  Really. The view is through the kitchen window after the window’s covering of ice had melted.  I’ve yet to name the image though one friend suggested “attempted evolution,” as if something were trying to become a tree.  I’ve got until April 1 to settle upon a name. I’m open to more suggestions.  Meanwhile, more information about Open Studios events and activities later in the spring. 😉

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Today the calla lily looks like this.

And just a few days ago it looked like this …

How cool is that? 😉

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Remember the orange tulip?

Well, as the petals have dried, all these other colors have been revealed.

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A story inspired by a 5-year old in love with “Once upon a time a little girl …” 😉

Once upon a time a little girl picked a bouquet of flowers.  She put them in a vase of water and placed the vase next to a window.  Each flower upon its  sturdy stem was beautiful in the sunlight.  But then time passed and the flowers changed no matter how many times she added water.  One morning she brushed her hand across the dying blooms and a whole flower fell to the table.

It broke revealing all its many parts that had made a single whole.

The girl gently touched the fragile pieces.  While she admired their different shapes and colors and textures, she wanted her flower back as a single beautiful thing.

And so she picked up the stigma and stamen and petals and leaves and she tried to put the puzzle back together again.  It was, of course, an impossible task.  As she stood there at the window trying to decide if she should be very angry or very sad or just a little crabby, a ray of light touched a petal and the withering stems.   “It’s still beautiful,” the girl realized with a smile, “Just in a different way.”

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