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an impromptu photo shoot with a calla in a vase


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Today the calla lily looks like this.

And just a few days ago it looked like this …

How cool is that? 😉

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I’m not sure when or where I purchased the bulb.  In early spring, I was buying stuff to plant at every venue, from fancy nurseries to the Dollar Store.  I remember that I found the bulb one day in the bottom of a crumpled bag.  It’s label was gone.  I still planted it by itself in an orange clay pot.  Nothing happened for the longest time.  I had to practice my patience skills big time.  Then one day, green shoots appeared.  A lovely dark green.  An amaryllis perhaps?  But then the leaves unfurled revealing white spots, providing me with just enough information for some internet research.  As the leaves grew tall and spread wide, I kept wondering when the heck would the flower appear.  And then one day it did.

It has been fun to photograph, and hard.  There are things I see with my eyes that I have yet to capture exactly as I wish with the camera. Variations in color and texture, all of which continue to evolve as the plant grows.

That forgotten bulb at the bottom of a bag has turned into a very lovely learning experience.


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Still experimenting with shooting the yellow calla, this time focusing on background colors.

Inspired by recent sunsets, I taped a piece of orange paper to my wall and zeroed in on one bloom.

Against the orange, my “yellow” calla even more clearly shows its many shades of gold and reds and even strips of green.  Next up …

… red paper.  Maybe.  I’ll let you know how it goes. 😉


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