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an impromptu photo shoot with a calla in a vase


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I was a bit early for an appointment in Boston’s Back Bay, so I decided to take a brisk walk around the block. This is what I saw.


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during my travels

of all the herbs and plants left behind

the marigold alone did not survive


there is a single blossom

autumnal orange with patches of gold

broken off I suppose as its green stem dried

that blossom it still thrives

without water or soil yet warmed by the sun

at rest where I found it upon returning home

on the tabletop next to the kitchen window

we’ll see how long it lasts

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The sun finally shone bright, or at least, just bright enough to revisit the orchid.

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and so I hold them up to the light …

and let them spill upon the table.

Quite beautiful but I am glad that some petals remain upon the stem.




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