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steve planting herbs and basil

Who knew that starlings line their nests with scented flowers and herbs like marigolds, and I guess basil, too, because all of the marigolds and basil you see in this picture are gone, decimated by the beaks of starlings. I even watched out the window as a starling broke off the marigold head and flew away with the flower in its mouth. Steve was okay with it until they started harvesting the basil as well. I think the problem is that the raised bed is right next to a bird feeding station. And while I remember planting marigolds last year I think it was later in the spring and there was no feeding station and maybe nesting season was done. I don’t know. We’ll see what the rest of the spring holds. Meanwhile I AM pleased about the herbs “hidden” on the side of the house doing well.

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during my travels

of all the herbs and plants left behind

the marigold alone did not survive


there is a single blossom

autumnal orange with patches of gold

broken off I suppose as its green stem dried

that blossom it still thrives

without water or soil yet warmed by the sun

at rest where I found it upon returning home

on the tabletop next to the kitchen window

we’ll see how long it lasts

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